Sunday, June 8, 2014


Appreciate this extra opportunity from Goddess Fish to showcase my second book. Commenters have the chance to win an e-copy of TBT in whatever format they choose. :)

An Atlanta SWAT member, Meg Bourland, visiting her family in Fort Worth at Christmas wants to stop the person blackmailing her father. Teaming with her brother & his former homicide detective partner, Scott McClaine, to discover the truth, she hadn’t expected to fall in love.

“Dad, glad it’s just you.” Meg’s voice wasn’t as strong as she intended. Her father didn’t respond. Didn’t he hear her? He threw a crumpled paper across the room, and then he sank into the chair behind his desk. His head cradled between his hands.
Adrenalin kicked through her system shooting lightning spikes down her arms. “Dad, is something wrong?” Again, no response. Meg moved further into the study. The pipe smoke smell dimly registered. Was he having a heart attack? She stopped in front of his desk. “Dad?” Almost shouted the word.
“What?” He raised his head, but his gaze darted around the room.
Didn’t he recognize her?
“Meg?” He shoved his hair off his forehead and dragged in a breath. “When did you arrive?” He asked in a voice tight with strain. His gaze never connected with hers.
Not a heart attack. Thank God. She let out a huff of air. “A while ago. Are you all right?”
Her father placed his hands on the desk and straightened into the ramrod posture she’d seen all her life.
“Everything’s fine.”
He used the same word Meg did when things were the opposite of all right.

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I read 2-4 books a month, unless I'm locked into a deadline, then it's less. How many books do you read a month?


Jerrie Alexander said...

Not as many as I'd like! Reading is my favorite downtime treat!

Love your books...bring more. :)

Marsha said...

Thanks, Jerrie. The loss of reading time is one of the prices of being an author. But I just read a blog post today from someone who listed reading as one of the most important things we can do. :) Thanks for stopping and sharing.

E.L. F. said...

Hmm...probably about 20 books plus that many novellas...but it depends on what I am committed to doing. I am a lucky person to be able to carve out enough time to do so!