Sunday, June 8, 2014

Another excerpt from World Change
They were high above a city. She hated heights. The flying man appeared human as only two arms carried her and she couldn't see any wings. There wasn't enough light to make out his appearance.

Clare gripped on tight as she took a look at what was below. The city looked like Florence but different. There were no cars and they must be having a power cut because the streetlights were all out. Flying over the rooftops she could see well-lit courtyards where people gathered, but they were all in costume.

The two moons came out from behind a cloud and the moonlight enabled her to get a better look at the man who held her. He had fangs, like a vampire. Maybe the soldiers with the swords might have been a better option. If this guy wanted to bite her, she had nowhere to go but fall to her death. She thought about screaming again, but how would the people below get to her. What if they were like the soldiers?

He didn't stop in the city but kept flying. It became so dark below she couldn't make anything out. Finally, they landed through treetops into a small glade. He let her feet drop so she could stand but her legs gave way. He picked her up again and gently placed her next to a tree. The moonlight hardly penetrated through the treetops, and she couldn't tell if he still had fangs.

Maggie Mundy
Author ~ Dark Speculative Fiction
Blood Scent
World Change out now with

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