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ASH RISING - A DEAd novel Romantic Suspense by Melissa Fox ebook Giveaway!

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A number of people filled the courtyard, either finishing a workout or getting ready to train. Jim stood a short distance away, stretching against the wall of the building with his head—topped with the dark cap—bent between his arms. Ah, the perfect opportunity to get payback for the takedown he’d laid on her. Emma crept up behind him and moved to the side to get a good angle. He looked bigger in sweats, taller and much more buff. What she’d thought was a little paunch in his loose shorts proved to be broad, hard muscle in the clinging sweatpants and T-shirt. Who knew he had such great shoulders? Or such a spectacular ass? She jerked her eyes away, mortified she’d ogled his behind and even more shocked at the tingle of awareness—sexual awareness—over Jim, for crying out loud.

Embarrassment put more force behind the sneaky kick than she intended. She checked her swing, but the blow never even got close. Somehow, he spun and blocked as she let her foot fly toward his side, knocking her leg away with his wrist. In the next second, he shoved her against the block wall and held her in place with his forearm across her throat. Emma stared, shocked, into Inspector Asher Beaulieu’s angry blue eyes.

Her first thought was thank God I was turned on by him and not Jim. What a great ass. The second was oh, shit.

Author Melissa Fox

I read, therefore, I write.
Since moving to an island in the Puget Sound with my husband and dogs, I’ve learned to play a mean game of 5-stand, catch squid, clams, shrimp, and crab. Good thing I like shellfish.
Author of the paranormal romance Wraith series published by The Wild Rose Press.

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E.L. F. said...

Just waving...I enjoyed this story...nice twists and turns!

Melissa Fox said...

Thanks so much for letting me know - glad you enjoyed! :D