Sunday, April 6, 2014

Something to Lose - Beginning Excerpt

I'm very excited for my upcoming blog tour with Goddess Fish. Something to Lose will be available on May 7th. This Romantic Suspense novel opens with Camden finding her boyfriend Billy in the arms of another woman. Here's an excerpt:

I have a bad feeling about this.
Another laugh wafts towards me from the living room, and it sure doesn’t sound like it’s coming from Billy. It’s the kind of husky laugh that can only mean trouble for me. I strain to hear more, but I can discern very little over the buzzing in my ears. I inch my way closer, holding onto the wall to steady myself, while I search my brain for possible explanations. Maybe it’s Billy’s mom. Maybe his sister just came for a visit. She lives in Vegas, but it could happen. There must be an innocent reason for the laughter and then the sudden silence.
I reach the end of the hall and peek around the corner into the living room.
It’s even worse than I imagined.
There she is. Full-on sex kitten in a dress shorter than mine. Her back is to me, but I can see enough. One of her manicured hands is at the back of Billy’s neck, pulling his mouth tightly to hers. Her other hand reaches down to his thigh. The tips of her long, blonde hair sway with her movements. Her tongue is down Billy’s throat. You get the picture.
Billy’s hands slide down her back as he opens an eye and looks right at me. He doesn’t jump back guiltily, and he doesn’t look apologetic. He watches me watch him for a moment until he moves his hands down lower and pulls the woman closer.
Embarrassment crashes into me. My whole body pulses in one gigantic convulsion.
I need to breathe. I need to get the hell out of here.

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E.L. F. said...

Ugh, sounds like a painful awakening. Poor woman!