Sunday, April 6, 2014

Already A TOP TEN Amazon BESTSELLER Kindle/Mysteries/Thrillers/Medical - SILENT FEAR: a Medical Mystery

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I have TREMENDOUS news after my book blog with Goddess Fish. My new release Silent Fear, a Medical Mystery, by Barbara Ebel, started selling right away as a Kindle ebook. However, by the end of the tour Silent Fear is now sitting with an overall Amazon Kindle sales ranking between 800 and 1,200 (out of 2.5 million books!) and has been sitting in the top 10 bestsellers for mystery/thrillers/medical.

But that's not all.....  This second book in the Dr. Danny Tilson novels has propelled the sales of the first novel, Operation Neurosurgeon, as well and it's also going crazy!  

For anyone not familiar with this new release here's the scoop for SILENT FEAR as well as the book cover:

After brain surgeon Dr. Danny Tilson performs several intracranial surgeries, patients and staff acquire a strange meningitis which sweeps nationwide at breakneck speed.  The root of the outbreak is an enigma and the CDC, a neurologist, and an infectious disease specialist are called in for their expertise.

Hang on for the ride as Dr. Danny straightens out his personal life while confronted with an epidemic of frightening proportions and consequences. The pandemic of the millennium has no cure in sight. And while Danny’s colleagues, patients and staff are falling dead around him, perhaps the most crucial question of all is - why has Danny been spared?
Silent Fear is a stand-alone novel as well as being Book Two of The Dr. Danny Tilson Novels.  Book One of the series is Operation Neurosurgeon. And ringing true as the credible medical fiction writer, Doctor Barbara’s basic and scary organism in Silent Fear’s plot actually exists!

“Silent Fear is billed as a medical mystery and holds an important characteristic separating it from many competitors in the genre: its author is a physician herself, so the medical facts, setting and background are not only believable but are solidly grounded in reality. Even seasoned medical thriller readers won’t know exactly where the plot is heading… (Silent Fear is) medical mystery or thriller writing at its best.”
D. Donovan, eBook Reviewer, Midwest Book Review

“Silent Fear is an engaging work of medical fiction … it’s very successful as a medical mystery for the hospital and the CDC to solve … this (is) an enjoyable read.”
The San Francisco Book Review

Silent Fear’s “plot has much to commend … an interesting medical ‘drama’ novel.”
WordPress Review

“(Silent Fear’s) story is expertly told with very credible medical descriptions of (a) devastating epidemic. Characters believably come alive and intrigue deepens with difficulty in finding a cure.”
Saleem Seyal, M.D., Reviewer, Louisville Medicine Magazine April 2014 issue

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