Sunday, March 10, 2013

Three of Hearts, my latest Rebel Ink Press title!

You met the Ramsey brothers in my first Rebel Ink Press release back in 2011... Love Never Fails….now learn where they’ve gone since in Three of Hearts…..just $1.99 available at Amazon, Bookstrand, Barnes and Noble and All Romance…

Ross Ramsey became a full-time father by default when his ex-wife overdosed.  Two months later, he’s struggling to be a good daddy to five-year old Tristan.  He put his son in preschool, moved to a small house near his brother and his family, but Ross can’t always cope.  His sister-in-law, Caroline, parents by instinct but Ross doesn’t seem to get the hang of it. 


When he meets a friendly neighbor, Shellie, they begin a relationship. But when Tristan turns up missing from school, the priority focuses on Ross’ son.  Ross must rely on his family, his girlfriend, and his love for Tristan to make things work but to succeed, he must play the three of hearts card.



Ross liked her, liked her a lot.  He enjoyed her company, having a girlfriend in the house and he loved having sex with Shellie.  Somewhere far deep within he longed for more but his scarred heart always shut the door on the idea before he could ponder it.  Fear it might all go south in a hurry kept Ross from getting closer to Shellie but for Tristan’s sake, standing there before the Christmas tree, he wished he could.

            Maybe he’d try, he thought.  I

            Maybe he would sometime.

            Hope stirred up a feeble little flicker within Ross’ heart as he watched his girlfriend and his son with joy. At least for this moment, they were his family.










Three of Hearts

Lee Ann Sontheimer Murphy

Romance/contemporary/chick lit

Novella (11K)

Connected to: Love Never Fails (full length novel, Rebel Ink Press, 2011)

Rebel Ink Press

ISBN: RIP0001301



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Debby said...

Sounds like an emotional story. Love will fix it.
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