Sunday, March 3, 2013

Old Flames with Normandie Alleman

Have you ever attended an event where you knew you would see an old flame? A high school/college reunion or a wedding. Maybe you were excited, or nervous, or even hoping there might still be a spark between the two of you. The sense of anticipation can be overwhelming, your mind runs through dozens of possible scenarios, your heart races, your palms sweat. 

This is where we find our heroine Allison at the beginning of my new release, Venetian Love Knots. Her relationship with ex-boyfriend, Cole, a rodeo cowboy, ended badly. Now Allison is on her way to Italy to be the maid of honor in her best friend’s wedding. 

Sounds like a wonderful vacation, right? The only catch is – she finds out Cole will be there too. He's going to be the best man.  

Here’s an excerpt: 

Allison held her plastic cup in a death grip as she absently rattled the ice cubes in it. She stared out of the bubble-shaped window on her flight to Rome. The vodka had done little to calm her nerves. Neither People, Cosmo, nor Vogue had been any help distracting her. Allison’s mind was determined to go back to the one man who had caused her more pain and heartache than she had ever known. The man whom she would soon see for the first time in four years.

She bit her lip and shut her eyes tightly. Allison remembered the day her best friend Marcia had told her that she was getting married in Venice the week of Valentine’s Day. Marcia had asked her to be her maid of honour and Allison had immediately jumped at the chance. She loved to travel, and she wanted to be there for Marcia.

Marcia had been dating Alfonso ever since Allison could remember. The pair had been together since they were kids in grammar school, when Alfonso and his parents moved to Texas from Italy. In fact, Alfonso had lived in the United States so long that no one thought of him as Italian, but the rest of his family was still in Italy.

Marcia had explained that it was a family tradition for them to be married in Venice around St Valentine’s Day. Alfonso was very close with his grandmother, who still lived there, and he wanted to carry on the family tradition for her. Marcia had met Alfonso’s Italian family, and had said that they were wonderful—very hospitable—and had been kind to her.

"His grandmother is so cute and little, but she’s a pistol, you know? Plus he has all these Italian cousins. They’re so handsome and polite. And they really know how to throw a party. I bet the whole time we were in Italy we didn’t sleep a wink! Somebody was always throwing a dinner party, or a lunch, or even a brunch for us. It was wild. And Venice…Oh, Allie, you are going to love Venice!" Marcia had gone on and on, telling her about the sights she’d seen and all of the art that Allison could see if she went. It had sounded like something Allison did not want to miss.

A couple of weeks later, Allison had just walked into her apartment when she’d got a call from Marcia. "Allie, honey, it’s me, Marsh. Are you sitting down? I need you to sit down."

Allison had set her groceries down on the floor and sat.

"Honey, Alfonso has gotten Cole to agree to be his best man," she’d said.

Marcia’s announcement had been met with complete silence.

"Allison? You still there?" Marcia had asked.

Cole. For years Allison had prayed for indifference towards Cole. She had hated him for years. What she felt for Cole was either unmitigated passion or hate. She didn’t know any in between. And what she had wound up craving was indifference. The last time she’d seen him, four years ago, what she had prayed for, what she had begged God for, was to feel indifference towards him. He had almost ruined her life. 

Check back for additional excerpts from Venetian Love Knots, I'll be posting more today. To watch the trailer, check my "Good Morning" post here at the Pavilion.

What about you? Can you remember a time when you were going to be seeing an Old Flame? Leave a comment and share it with us. (And tell us how it turned out!)

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Debby said...

Thanks so much for the fantastic excerpt. takes us closer.
debby236 at gmail dot com

Normandie Alleman said...

You're so welcome, Debby. Glad you liked it.

Catherine Lee said...

There were times that I worried about seeing an old flame, but not in such a formal setting such as this -- a wedding. I would really hope to look spectacular and plan on flirting with all the Italian men!
catherinelee100 at gmail dot com