Sunday, March 10, 2013

Eden Glenn- There be Dragons

I didn't want to promise anything outside that aggressive schedule with the Amethyst Desire Collections. However, there were two men at the end of Dar'kind Promises that were screaming for their story to be told. Haydn and Rhys. I had to give them their happy ending.

They are dragon shifters and undeniably very outspoken. Their story has been contracted with Rebel Ink Press for a release perhaps in May. Carl will no doubt work his magic on the cover design.

Here is

Dragon's Unbound

Blurb Draft:
Haydn’s found refuge on the earth side of the barrier in the home of the healer, Isobeau. Trapped in the shadows of his past he works to demonstrate his gratitude through service to her cause. He denies himself comfort and pleasures offered by his freedom from the abuse of the Telihedran, a warrior class of dragon shifters from his home dimension WyrmArach.

Rhys is immediately attracted to Haydn. He desires to help the younger man embrace his new life. Unfortunately, Haydn seems stuck, unable to grasp the happiness he craves. Rhys fears Haydn’s continued self-loathing will prevent any possibility of their future together.

They are rejected as an abomination by the head 'Watcher' on the Earth Dimension side of the veil.Drastic measures may be necessary to convince Haydn of his worth and Rhys unconditional love for him.

Events in their world are spinning out of control with the emergence of a human as Dragon Guardian. When they both discover they share a secret that may tear apart the leadership of their society. It will take a miracle to overcome the obstacles between them. Haydn must face the choice to remain trapped by his past or to let go and accept all Rhys offers.

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