Sunday, March 10, 2013

Excerpt 1 from A Slower, Lower Leap and the GIVEAWAY!

“What about his daddy?” Logan hooked his thumbs in his front pockets and watched Colby darting along the grass with the other kids. As far as he could tell he had no more idea he was different than the man in the moon and neither did the other kids.

“No one knows who he is. He’s completely uninvolved. Although I’ve always had a pretty good idea,” Bryce said just as Cait came over with Riley cradled in his sling across her middle.

“And just what are you two doing?” she asked, with one hand fisted at her hip and the other hand supporting Riley.

“Watching the kids. What are you doing?” Bryce leaned in and kissed Riley’s cheek. Logan’s heart twisted when Bryce smiled and ran his fingertips gently over the peach fuzz on top of the boy’s head.

“Liar,” Cait said flatly. She reached out with the hand she’d had at her hip and grabbed Logan by the collar pulling him nearly nose to nose with her. “You listen and listen well. If you hurt Lizzy you’ll have me and half dozen other women to deal with. And none of us feel very chipper as of late. You got me?”

Logan and Bryce turned their heads in tandem to see Deidre and their three sisters lined up, all as pregnant as could be and hormonal attitude stamped all over their faces. And lo and damn behold, Nana and their mother flanked them.

“Tell Cait what you’ve learned, baby brother,” Bryce said, smiling and waving to the women.

“I’ve learned this isn’t about getting someone to the altar as fast as I can get old Eldon to marry us. That theory may have been concocted in haste. It’s about putting someone above yourself until you draw your last breath,” Logan said. He poured his beer on the ground and shoved the empty cup into Bryce’s hand. “I reckon I need to make sure that little fella likes me before I go asking his mama out to dinner. If he don’t like me what’s the point? Seems to me he don’t need any more disruptions in his life than he’s already got and be damned if I throw him off kilter or hinder forward progress by just being the greedy bastard that likes tits.”
With that Logan gave the female line-up a mock salute and ambled off toward the kids. If there was one thing he could say for himself, he’d spent enough time at the kiddy table over the years he at least knew how to talk to them.

Happy reading! Lila~~

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Na said...

The book in this series sound like very sweet romances. Thank you for the excerpt. When there are kids involved I always find them so cute.

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Debby said...

They do sound amazing. Thanks for the excerpt.
debby236 at gmail dot com