Sunday, March 3, 2013

The Man Who Gave Me Firsts...

I’m so excited to be here today and talk about my new release A Slower, Lower Leap. It’s the third and final installment of my Slower Lower series. If you’ve not read any of the books and don’t know anything about them, they’re set in Seaford, Delaware, a very real place and home to my husband. Although, I must tell you, none of the people in my stories are real. They’re conglomerations of personalities I may have encountered at one time or other, but are absolutely not real individuals.
 Today I’m going to tell you a little bit about how I became an adopted daughter of the first state and what firsts followed. It’s really quite ironic it’s the first state, because the first man I ever met from there gave me many firsts and I ended up marrying him. (Anyone noticing a pattern here yet?)
My first glimpse of Delaware was at sunrise four days prior to Thanksgiving 1997. I woke up after being in the car for my very first long distance road trip with someone other than a family member to see we were barreling down a winding unmarked road and were headed straight for another vehicle. Welcome to Delaware!
“One of us will move, babe,” my beloved assured me just before the other car took to the side of the road and waved with a smile.
Really? What the hell was this strange land?
After that, my beloved took me on many firsts. He took me on my first plane ride, I saw the beach for the first time with him and I got my first overseas visit with him via orders from the USMC not a year after we married (the marriage wasn’t a first, but it was the first time I truly loved the man I married).
Through the years, we enjoyed many trips to the slower lower (now you know where the titles come from J ) eastern shore board and it was in those trips that unbeknownst to me, stories started to form. Many years later when I finally took up my pen once again after my muse being dormant for what seemed like an eternity, the faces, places, sights, smells, traditions, and landscape of Delaware kept haunting me…and wouldn’t you know it? Seaford, Delaware became the setting of my very first series.
Thank you husband and thank you Seaford for lending me inspiration and so many firsts…and readers, I hope you enjoy getting to know that part of the world through my eyes.
Lila Munro


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Great post. I love firsts myself.
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An interesting to a husband and a town.
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