Sunday, March 3, 2013

A Few Hometown Favs...

I suppose I should explain straight away, naughty Lila didn’t show up today…I know readers, it’s quite a shock, but I confess, Lila’s roots began on the softer side of the house and my very first series was in fact a run of the mill contemporary romance themed deal with a bit of hot lovin’ sprinkled in.

It’s been two years since the first book in the Slower Lower series came into existence and I actually thought A Slower, Lower Love would be a stand-alone until E contacted me and persuaded me otherwise. So, a series was born, but it was another few long months before book two was born, A Slower, Lower Leap…and then my career took a left turn into BDSM territory and much to my contemporary fans’ chagrin…book three never materialized…and never materialized…and never materialized. The idea was always here, lurking and teasing me, but my naughty muse kept shoving her much less naughty sister down and kicking her in the knee. Well, Arwen finally managed to get upright again, much to Bronwyn’s horror, and now here we are two years later and A Slower, Lower Leap is finally a reality.
I’ve been out on tour with it and the theme of the tour is all things Delaware and Delaware related as that’s where the series is set: Sussex County, the southernmost county of all three in the state and much a part of the slower lower culture residing on the Delmarva Peninsula. So, I thought today I’d share a few of my favorite things from my husband’s hometown of Seaford.
In all three books there is mention of a fictional Italian joint…but in real life there is a place that was my inspiration for that. Grotto’s Pizza located in Seaford and at the beach. Founded in 1960, it is my humble opinion there is no better pie on the planet and boardwalk fries? Now my mouth is all worked up for want of something from there…gelato, pasta…did I mention the pizza? We are so in love with this stuff, there have been occasions my MIL will buy them half-cooked on her way down for a visit (6 hour drive) and we’ll cook them off when she gets here. Is there any wonder I included a fictitious Italian eatery in the Slower Lower books?
The Country House…now technically…this is in the Mar part of Delmarva, but who’s splitting hairs. Right? I love, love, love this place. If you’re into primitive home décor…you have to visit this place if you’re ever in Salisbury. They have a discount outlet open on Saturdays…and if you just can’t make the eastern shore, they are online. Nearly all my curtains came from The Country House.
Rehoboth Beach…Really? Does a beach need explanation? It just happens Rehoboth is the beach I use as the backdrop for the Delaney family beach home where romance is made and so are babies on occasion. J
Pizza King…also known as PKs to the locals. Now I know…two pizza joints on the favs list? Well, actually PKs isn’t my fav pick for pizza…It’s my fav pick for breakfast. You’ll find my Delaney’s go out at times for breakfast to a joint very much similar to PKs where the scrapple is crisp, the eggs fluffy, the waitresses spunky, and the coffee is always hot. Before my husband’s grandfather died, it was tradition whenever we were in town we met at PKs for breakfast at least once while we were in town.
And last but not least…and you’re probably going to think how weird. Our Lady of Lourdes Parish. Our Lady of Lourdes is mentioned several times throughout the series and is a very real place and is indeed called Our Lady of Lourdes. This is the Catholic Parish my husband grew up in. It’s where he was baptized, confirmed…where he burned up the confessional as Logan so aptly puts it in A Slower, Lower Leap. It’s where we attend Mass whenever we’re in town. Our Lady’s roots run back to 1937, and when I enter the sanctuary I get a sense of just how deep those roots run. No matter how long we’ve been away, we see someone we recognize, someone my husband grew up with, took first communion with. It gives a sense of family…a sense of peace and embodies all that is slower lower.
Thanks for taking this little tour with me through Seaford and the surrounding community. J And don’t forget to enter to win some signed copies of the first two books in my giveaway posted earlier...
Have a realmantic day!

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