Sunday, March 10, 2013

I’m From Slower Lower…Where? And the GIVEAWAY!

For those of you who don’t know me, I’m Lila Munro, multi-faceted romance author. I’m probably most known for my steamy BDSM and ménage pieces, but what most people probably haven’t picked up on yet is that my career didn’t begin there. It actually began with more sensual, contemporary roots.

My first two works, The Executive Officer’s Wife and Bound by Trust, were both contemporary military reads and had been out some weeks when I made the decision to pull A Slower, Lower Love—which was under contract at the time but not officially published—and revise it based on what I had learned from my editor at the time. I knew based on what I’d learned it needed some hard core work in order to be truly ready for the viewing public. I also knew that eventually the other two works would be released and come back to me and they would undergo the revisions they so desperately needed as well. The Executive Officer’s Wife received its treatment last summer and Bound by Trust will later this year.
Once I was done picking apart A Slower, Lower Love I turned it over to the capable hands of the editing staff at Rebel Ink Press and prepared to find out what else I was sure I knew but really didn’t. When I received word from E they were finished with it and we needed to talk, well, let me tell you my heart stopped. But, I was pleasantly surprised to learn the thing we needed to discuss was turning A Slower, Lower Love into a series. I agreed to take on this task and thus I was forever the incidental series writer. Who knew?
A Slower, Lower Love started the rounds on the review circuit and I began writing book two, A Slower, Lower Life. About mid-way through that project, the reviews began pouring in…and they weren’t half bad, but a recurring criticism was that the romance was neither slower nor lower.
Well, of course it wasn’t…that’s not at all what slower, lower means. And although the meaning of that phrase is referenced more than once in both works, somehow it escaped notice.
My husband is from Sussex County Delaware, which is the southern most of the three counties in Delaware and is part of the peninsula comprised of the tips of Delaware, Maryland, and Virginia. It’s beautiful country. Lazy, rolling, green. Farmland and colonial homes grace the landscape…and when you ask someone from that part of the country where they’re from the answer is almost always, “I’m from slower lower.”
You see, slower lower is a description, it just doesn’t apply to the couples’ love affairs in the Slower, Lower series. It describes a way of life, a place, and the people who live there. Life in slower lower is marked by Sussex County Standard Time. No one rushes, everyone stops to appreciate, people breathe and notice what’s on the air…freshly turned soil, the Nanticoke River, the ocean. Pizza cooking at Grottos. People use their front porches and they say y’all.
So, don’t be shocked when you read any or all of the books in this series, the latest of which released February 17, A Slower, Lower Leap, and the romance is smoking because the reviewers were right in one thing…love on the eastern shore is definitely not slow.

Lila Munro
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