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Maxwell's Desire...Suzzana C Ryan...Rebel Ink Press

Max’s Desire

Suzzana C. Ryan

            In a time when women wanted equality and control, a man like Maxwell Brogan could only snarl. Women in his mind were still just that, women, there primarily for a man’s pleasure. At least the women that Max was used to, they were usually the ones he paid for.
            Max had traveled the globe fighting terrorism for his country as a former Navy Seal and Special Forces Captain. Max was forced to retire because of his injuries; he was finding that there was a very different world on the home front. He was able to fulfill his large sexual needs easily with an array of young women that worked for the same company as him.
            Max was an imposing man; he was six foot two and a mass of muscle and sinew. His military training left him with the constant need to keep his body fit and lean. He pushed himself, even at forty-seven for perfection. He had been in the military for over twenty years, letting go of that kind of regimentation was almost impossible. His past credits as a retired Captain in the Special Forces landed him a job as head of security for billionaire Arthur Thompson. It was a windfall; it gave Max financial security and comfort.
            Max found life downright fucking boring his sexual escapades kept him entertained. Then the shit hit the fan, Jenny Thompson, the wife of his billionaire boss was kidnapped. Max was called to action to do what he did best, snuff out terrorist. What he found when he found the beautiful wife of Arthur Thompson, angered him and pushed buttons in Max, that he never knew he had? Her old and powerful husband had abused her for so many years that Jenny had no idea how a woman should act around a man. All Jenny knew was that her attraction to Maxwell Brogan was strong and she did what came naturally, she acted on it.  Her innocence and aggressive nature took Max by surprise. He had never met a woman like Jenny; he never knew that women like her still existed. In spite of her abusive treatment from her husband Jenny felt a desire so intense that she could not control her actions, she gave into them, body and soul. Maxwell Brogan struck a deal with her, her body until he sated his desire for her. In return he would then help her disappear, start a new life where her monster of a husband could not find her. Jenny agreed her cold approach to his request concerned Max. Did the women feel emotion? Had her husband striped her of her dignity and self-worth.
             For a man like Maxwell Brogan, love was never an issue, he never figured on finding it. The love he finds with Jenny is the kind of love that all men dream about. She is beautiful, sexy, accommodating and fearless in his bed. Max falls head over heels in love with the lovely Jenny Thompson, vowing to free her from the demented clutches of her billionaire husband. To his surprise, the beauty falls for him, her love pure and true, seeing the man under the hard shell. He will have her, take her and risk everything to keep her. Jenny Thompson is Maxwell’s one desire.

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Debby said...

Sounds a bit different and intriguing.
debby236 at gmail dot com

Suzzana C Ryan said...

Yes....Debbie..wanted it to come from a male POV.......want men want and see in women...loved writing it.