Sunday, October 7, 2012

One More Waning Moon Giveaway

This has been such a great party! Thank you Goddess Fish for putting this together! As a thank you to the readers and party-goers, I'll give one more e-book copy of WANING MOON to a random commenter to this blog post.
The Story Behind the Story: The story of The Chronicles of Lily Carmichael came to me over time and came as a trilogy right from the start. Book One, WANING MOON, grew out of Lily's main conflict, which is that she has the ability to heal both herself and others due to her genetic alterations, but because of shared DNA, she is unable to heal her uncle's caner or change the fact that her brother has the ability to take a person's life with just a touch--a plight in direct opposition to her healing nature. Lily has to take a journey to find a cure for Sam's cancer and is accompanied on this journey by a young drifter, Will Callahan, who is on a mission to find his father. Lily has her hands full trying to escape capture by a rogue government agency out to exploit her and her brother's abilities, save her family, and avoid falling in love. The original idea came out of many discussions over pizza and wine, LOL. I live out in the Berkshire Hills in a small remote town with neighbors who love living in the woods as much as my husband and I do. We often get together and talk about current events and contemplate our survival strategies if the world as we know it comes to an end. We aren’t quite as bad as the Doomsday Preppers, but we do try to be prepared for whatever the future holds. Humans are the most adaptable creatures on the planet, and in keeping with my “hopefully ever after” philosophy, I wanted to show how we might survive if life as we know it took a turn for the worse. Lily's future world may seem a bit grim, but true to her nature as a healer, she will find hope and healing, even if it's in a galaxy far, far, away. I hope you'll join me on Lily's journey. for all things COLC and buy links. Check out my calendar page for blog tour dates, and stop by my COLC page to see who I'd cast in the movie and hear some of the character's playlist.


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This sounds like a great story, PJ--thanks for sharing the background!

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Thank you for stopping by!