Sunday, October 7, 2012

Mason's Daughter -- Daddy's grown-up little girl isn't speaking to him. But she needs answers. Desperately.

Many people, particularly my mother, want to know if Mason's Daughter is autobiographical. Of course not! My life is too boring, but I have come across quite a few fascinating people from whom I borrowed some traits. Some of the personality tics are bound to be mine, too. Isn't self-awareness a blessing?

And while insanity runs in every family, it "circles like a shark at the deep end of [my fictional family's] gene pool." But it skips no one. When you discover which variety you have in common, it can lead to a deep bonding experience.

You can read more on how I wrote about it on my website: You can also share your story. If it's a really "crazy" one I can change the details and use later, I'll send you a free autographed copy of Mason's Daughter. Go ahead and enter the contest!

Insanity provides only one ingredient to a family saga, but it did prod me to explore its impact on certain relationships, especially the one between fathers and daughters. That's a more important one than most people realize.

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