Sunday, October 7, 2012

Synopsis of Mason's Daughter:  On the first anniversary of her husband’s death, Sally Edwards is desperate to avert another family disaster. She’s determined to find something to prove Jack died by accident, not suicide as ruled by the coroner. She has to act fast, as her teenage son Colton is headed for a meltdown.

            What she uncovers—secret notes in her husband’s appointment book—leads her to believe Jack made future plans, which couldn’t have included suicide. In her excitement to share her discovery with Colton, she fails to notice his growing panic over reopening wounds not quite healed yet. She also overlooks a key piece of the puzzle until Colton points out a reference to his grandfather.

            Sally hasn’t spoken to her father since her marriage to Jack fifteen years ago. But why did Jack write her father’s name and phone number in his book?

            Everybody in Mason’s Crossing, even Colton, seems to know something about Jack’s last days, but no one can help her put all the pieces together. Her best friend discourages her search for the truth, and not even Jack’s father will give her a straight answer.

            Her older friend and mentor, Angelique Pierce, steers Sally through the landmines of her Mason family history, while also guiding her toward a better relationship with her son. The path she shows Sally is painful, but necessary.

            County Sheriff Mike Avery, who investigated Jack’s death, agrees to reopen the case unofficially. He’s attentive and kind, and Sally never suspects her father asked Mike a year ago to keep an eye on her. She’s also blind to the fact Mike has been in love with her since high school.

            The deeper Sally digs and questions, the greater destruction Colton’s behavior wreaks. She’s more convinced than ever the best solution to help her son is to prove Jack’s death was accidental. After exhausting all her other options, she is left with one choice: ask her father what really happened.

            But no one—especially not Sally—can foresee the consequences of bringing family tragedies and the secrets they hold into the light.

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