Sunday, October 7, 2012

Fearless Love: Excerpt #2

MG and Joe move beyond the chicken yard pretty quickly. In fact, when Joe comes calling one evening, MG offers to fix him dinner. But he has other things in mind.

She handed him a bottle, then headed for the back door. “We can watch the sunset if you don’t mind the chickens.”


She turned. He stood in the middle of her kitchen floor, watching her, the unopened bottle dangling from his fingers. “On second thought, I don’t really want a beer.”

She blinked. “Okay, well, there’s some iced tea.”

“I don’t want tea right now either. Or the chickens. Or the sunset, nice though it probably is.” He paused, watching her. “I mean, I came here to take you out to dinner, but on second thought, I don’t think I can wait that long after all.”

Her shoulders suddenly felt tight and there was an twinge in her belly. “Wait that long for what?”

“You.” The word seemed to drop into the silence of her kitchen. He put the beer bottle back on the kitchen table, dropping his hands to his sides.

Her shoulders ached. She took a step toward him, then stopped. What the crap do I do now? “Oh.”

He frowned slightly. “Of course, you can say no if you want to. If I misread whatever this is between us, I’ll head off home. No harm, no foul.” He watched her again, blue eyes dark in the late afternoon sunshine.

“No,” she said slowly. “You don’t need to do that.” She took a few more steps back across the suddenly broad expanse of her kitchen. She was almost next to him now. Would it look too eager if she took the last few steps at a trot?

He grinned again, his lips spreading slowly. “Glad to hear that. I didn’t want to.”

MG’s brain seemed to have gone on vacation. Have I ever made love with a man who had a beard before? Right off hand, she couldn’t think of anybody. And the list wasn’t all that long to begin with. She stood looking up at him, then placed a tentative hand on his chest. “You realize I’ve got a really crappy bed. It’s one Great Aunt Nedda left behind.”

His grin delved a dimple in one cheek. “Trust me, your Great Aunt Nedda is the last thing I’m going to be thinking about.” “Good,” she murmured, licking her lips. “Me too.” She clasped her hands behind his neck, pulling him down toward her.


flchen1 said...

LOL! That's one fabulous excerpt, Meg!

Catherine Lee said...

For some reason my hubby always gets amorous in the kitchen too...LOL!
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