Sunday, October 7, 2012


THE HOUNDING is Book One in the Shirley Combs/Dr. Mary Watson series. I'll be blogging about it and being interviewed about it all next week. Meanwhile, I'm halfway through Book Two: The Illustrious Client, so today, I'm offering one person who comments here the right to name a character in Book Two. You can make the character either gender, or give her/him a unisex name like Terry or Kim or Alex. This character will be implicated in the murder of the victim, so you might want to give careful thought to who you choose to name this character after. Feel free to give me some traits as well, if you like. Want to name this person after a personal enemy? Dish me some dirt, some nasty habits. Don't give me a last name. I don't want to get sued! ha. If you like the Sherlock Holmes books, or if you read Nancy Drew books growing up, you might like my series. Shirley and Dr. Mary make a good team. Mary is the narrator of the books, and Shirley is the world's greatest living detective (in her mind and Mary's anyway). The tales are set in Portland, Oregon in current day. All the stories are descended from the original Sherlock Holmes adventures, but mine will always have a murder. The books are available on Amazon, along with some of my plays and short stories. My author page lists everything:


MomJane said...

I would love to name a character for your story. it sounds like fun.

Tamara Carlisle said...

Very cool idea!

Sylvia Stein said...

Wow Sandra deHelen this sounds so exciting, and I would Love to name a character in your story! Awesome!

Syl Stein