Sunday, July 13, 2014

10 Random Facts About Author Jennifer Tressen

Jennifer Tressen, author of Sleeping in the Morgue, wanted to share some random facts about herself for you go!
1. My husband and I met and dated in high school while both serving on the board of directors for the American Cancer Society.

2. I love eating eggs but am extremely picky about how they are cooked. Very few people cook them the way I like which is why I almost always make them myself.

3. I spent almost ten years acting in television commercials, shows, print ads and doing voice-over work.

4. My favorite colors are fuchsia and orange.

5. I studied dance for over 14 years of my life as well as taught. Ballet will always be my favorite.

6. When I was a teenager I once told my manager I was going to be a media mogul. I had BIG dreams. Sometimes life changes…

7. I hate running, however I just did a mud run and now am contemplating training for a Tough Mudder. If don’t know what that is Google it.

8. I plan on writing in other genres under an alias.

9. Mexican food is my ultimate weakness. A bean and cheese burrito from Miguels is a sure way to make me smile. I consider eating a hobby, one I practice far too frequently.

10. I sometimes work as a literary editor for an Oscar winning screenwriter.
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