Sunday, July 13, 2014

Guardians: The Girl

He’s wearing dark Diesel jeans, a charcoal gray cashmere sweater, and an open black leather jacket. The simplicity of his outfit in no way detracts from his stellar beauty.

The only time I’ve ever encountered something close to the beauty of Marcus, was when I first met Ameana. And even that encounter would be a distant second. I refuse to blink and miss a moment of him. The water builds up in my eyes. It stings. It burns. No, I won’t blink. It’s like having a thirst so deep water cannot quench it. 

The more I drink him in, the more of him I want. Tears gather in my eyes, waiting, begging for me to blink. I won’t. So the tears run down my face. My vision gets blurry. No, I won’t blink. My eyes feel like they’re being pricked by hundreds of small pins. It stings badly. But I remain steadfast. The second round of tears falls from my eyes. I won’t blink. I will not move from the vision before me. 

My stomach quickens. My whole body is warm with the exception of my hands, which are ice cold and trembling. I don’t know a lot about the heart, but I’m certain it’s not supposed to beat this fast. I want to look anywhere besides his face, but the thought of looking away from him makes me dizzy with despair. Suddenly I’m very aware of how I’m dressed: faded jeans and a Winnie-the-Pooh “Piglet” T-shirt with the cartoon pig trying to catch a runaway balloon and saying “Oh, d-d-dear.” Great, Emmy, that’s real sexy. And if my hair looks the way it usually does after I’ve slept, right now I resemble a mad scientist. 
I want to go back into the room and fix it, but it’s too late. He’s already seen me. I mean, it’s already time to go. 

Miku, whose existence I have all but forgotten, pokes me lightly. I blink. A third round of tears make their way down my face. It’s embarrassing but I’m powerless. Not for the first time today. Get a hold of yourself. He had been studying a small red leather-bound book. Miku introduces us. 

“Marcus, this is Emerson Baxter. She’s gonna help us save the world.” He looks up at me, says a quick “hey” and goes back to the book. His dismissal stings worse than my eyes.

It's free!! Look for the first book of the 'Guardians' series and get obsessed with Emmy, Marcus, Ameana, Miku, Rio, Jay, and Reese. 



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