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A real review of 'The Girl'

4.0 out of 5 stars Marcus you dolt! Get your Rah back!! (Loved this book)May 1, 2012
This review is from: Guardians: The Girl (The Guardians Series, Book 1) (Kindle Edition)
So I've been having an Angel detox for 3 months. I've read so many in the last year that I couldn't stomach much more God vs. Satan, Fallen Angels, White Angels, Good versus Evil Etc. I started one more, a traditionally published popular one at that, and I couldn't take it. Same old, same old. I had to put it away and start another paranormal genre.

So when I started Guardians I had middling expectations. However, what I read, even in the first few pages was the biggest shocking wow I've experienced in a long while. Guardians is an amazing read!

The story is complete in the following ways. There are great fun characters. There's a hormonally emotional teen girl at the centre. The gimmicks of snaps, ports, samson string, holders, and runners are well planned. The lore and dictionary of angel terms is so different and new to anything I've ever read. The dialogue is quick-witted and unique and the romance isn't anything I expected at all. This is a book that has been thoroughly planned, right down to the tiny intricate details and my hat goes off to Lola for it, she's written something exceptional.

At the end of Part 1, I absolutely felt my heart go out to Emmy. She's 15 and so obsessively in love. We all remember what that was like, right? I remember being completely nuts about a guy and I cycled for 2 miles to go past his house every night just to see if he was in! Hmm! Anyway!

Emmy can never have what she wants. And there's the twist. She doesn't get it entirely and her life becomes unbearable. The pure emotions that pour out of this girl are heart breaking and nothing can change what has happened. In addition, she's not only responsible for saving the world but a possible conduit to ending it also. Pressure!

At the end of Part 2, I wanted to wring the Guardian leader Marcus' neck for being such a dolt! Get your Rah back, I was shouting! Then you realise that his life isn't easy either. The others in his group are turning against him and the dangers and enemies are doubling, tripling around him, Emmy, and the Guardians to such intensity that...

Part Three just didn't stop. I literally turned page after page barely breathing. The action was electric and so fast paced it changed into a thriller at break-neck speed.

Lola, I really hope you can write the second book quickly because I feel like I'm standing in mid-air wondering what's going to happen next. Will the Guardians prevail? Will the evil turn on her Mum? Will they ...? Won't they...? Argh!!! See what I mean!

Guardians: The Girl astounded me. There's no comparison to anything I've read about angels before and if you like angel books such as Hush, Hush, Fallen or Halo then ... two words. READ IT!

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