Sunday, July 13, 2014

Honor Bound Sacrifices - Sequel to Honor Bound Awakenings

Hello all!

         I am so excited to be a part of this new release party! My series Honor Bound is a rather complicated story involving six characters with special abilities. I have been told it would make an excellent graphic novel because of the plot and the character's unique attributes.

          If you're in the mood to watch a video about my book instead of read about it here's a video book blurb for your viewing pleasure.

          Awakenings is about the beginning of  six people's journey  into saving other children with abilities from being sold on the Black Market. It is urban, current time paranormal and I make it incredibly realistic. The abilities my characters have are very restricted either because they can only do so much with them or because of how they choose to use them.

       Things that people have told me that stand out about my books:

       Action sequences. I have had everyone from ex-special forces veterans, to parkour athletes to martial arts experts rave about how realistic, well written and well thought out they are.
       "The Feels" - When my readers are crying about what I am putting my characters through it's a good sign.
        Addictive level - People have been late to work, skipped lunch and stayed at their office reading the book instead of driving home.
       The Characters : They are all complex.  I've been told that when people are reading this book they think "Yeah, that's exactly what I would have done." or "That makes perfect sense." , as far as how the characters react and interact.
Who are they?

        John and Clara Masumoto - twins that are linked on such a deep level they are pretty much one person. It is their mother's mission when she was still alive to help children and runaways that had abilities and John and Clara continue to do her work both with the charity they run along with other, more direct approaches.

      Cesco - Parkour athlete, martial arts expert. Cesco moves much faster than normal people and has heightened senses. No family tragedy made him join John and Clara, he'd always wanted to do something with his extra abilities and he helping others like him was something that he couldn't say no to.

      Jessie - The empath. I have always viewed empathy as special ability that doesn't get as much credence as it deserves so Jessie and her abilities are a major component to the story. I have a battle between empaths in Sacrifices through a third party. If that doesn't intrigue you, not sure what will. Jessie made some bad choices about how to use her abilities when she was younger and she sees John and Clara's mission as a chance to redeem herself.

   Min-Ji - She has the worst history of them all, raised by a mom who was a prostitute and sold her on the streets until her powers manifested. Once her powers manifested her mother saw a chance to make some money and get out of the sex trade and sold Min-Ji to a crime boss. Rescued seconds before she's executed in a back alley, Min-Ji has to struggle every day to keep her abilities in check, it's dangerous to let fire get out of hand.

   Sarrah - Her abilities just manifested a year ago, she helped a friend and it resulted in her and her brother getting kidnapped because of what she could do. Rescued at the beginning of Awakenings her and her family fight to stay together and John, Clara and the rest do everything they can to help.

        Here's a book trailer  featuring some reviews fans have sent me as well as Amazon reviews. The gentleman who defies gravity is one of my inspirations for Cesco.

     I hope you are intrigued by what you have read or watched. Honor Bound is available on Amazon and CreateSpace  this is the link for Awakenings. Sacrifices is at this link
       Thanks for reading!
       Kat Loveland 



S Keltz said...

I love the books, and now can't wait until I receive the print version. I'm so excited. I wish you the best with them, Kat, I'm so excited for you!! BIG CONGRATS!!

Kat Loveland - Author said...

Thanks for all your support!

kaisquared said...

Congrats on your new release!

Kat Loveland - Author said...

Thank you so much! I am very excited about it!