Sunday, April 7, 2013

Yep! That's me.  I would've been about five years old at that time.  That's a body aid strapped to my chest, today they are much smaller and fit behind the ear.  I was often teased and humiliated for wearing it as a kid. 

That's one of the reasons why I chose to write a trilogy series based on my life featuring a teen with a hearing loss.  I wanted to share my story with the rest of the world to let others know that they are not alone.  My main focus was to provide a sense of hope and inspiration through messages incorporated into all three books.

However, there is one other factor that contributed to my decision to write about my life. Meeting Michael Buble, a famous Canadian singer, was a major turning point at the crossroads in my life.  On that fateful day, I was lost and unsure about my future and really insecure about myself.  When we stood face to face, he showed me what it was like to be showered with kindness and down-to-earth honesty.  To have someone like Michael hold my hand, gaze lovingly from head to toe ever so slowly and hear the words "You're beautiful" made me suddenly realize that I was important too.  And that changed me.  It was that chance meeting and the generous hug he gave me, that instilled a spark in me to seriously considering following my dreams.  Thank you Michael for being so kind to me and showing me the path that I should take.

In order to win a free e-copy of my newest release, Compass, you'll need to answer the following questions.  All correct answers will be added to the draw.  Please provide your responses in the comment section below.

1:  What's different about Jennifer Gibson?
2:  How many hearing aids does she wear today?
3.  Who does Jennifer compare herself to?  Why?
4.  What was Jessie's original name?
5.  What kind of school did Ethan go to?
6.  What is the name of Jennifer's debut novel? 
7.  What do the titles Sway, Compass and Destiny mean?
8.  Why are stars important to Jessie?
9.  Which book was a TOP-20 bestseller?
10.  Who did Jennifer meet that inspired her to follow her dreams?

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