Sunday, April 7, 2013

Historical Romance and the Edge of Danger

I’ve always thought reading Historical Romance is a lot like time travel.  The reader flies on the wings of imagination back to another place and time.  Maybe it’s Regency England, maybe it’s Frontier America, or maybe it’s Stone Age Britain.  The point is, the story must feel authentic and the when the reader finishes the book she should feel like she’s BEEN THERE.

These eras we love to visit aren’t always neat and clean; often life there isn’t easy.  People lived challenging and sometimes short, violent lives, but if we want authenticity, I feel we need to embrace a measure of historical truth.   As a writer of Historical Romance, I try to balance the magic with the pain, the laughter with the hardship, the love with the hate and the realism with the fantasy.  A one-dimensional setting is no more fun than one-dimensional characters.  And the beauty is that in the end love always wins.

This is true of my new Historical Romance, Devil Black.  Dougal MacRae – aka the Black Devil – may not be easy to love at first.  He’s a rapscallion, after all.  But his heart is true, his honor is bright, and in the end he is willing to walk the very edge of danger for the woman he loves.  Who can ask for more?

Devil Black is available now as an ebook or paperback through or direct from the publisher, The Wild Rose Press.  Travel back to Dougal’s time and experience an authentic hero.  I believe you won’t be disappointed!

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Debby said...

It does sound like it would not be disappointing. Thanks so much for sharing.
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