Sunday, April 7, 2013

Snippet of "The Perfect Duke" by Dawn Ireland

Every fairy tale and story I’ve ever read or seen plays a part in who I am now and my writing decisions. For instance, Cinderella offers every girl the idea that in spite of life’s trials, Prince Charming may be around the next corner. Fantasy is grounded in something we know. I try to express that in my novels by writing a historic backdrop and making my characters anything but ordinary. After all, ordinary is for our everyday lives, not our imagination.


Cara noted the tightening around the duke’s mouth and thought she may have gone too far. “I’m sure your behavior is exemplary.

For a duke.”

“But?” He tilted his head slightly, one winged brow raised.

“If you expect your niece to like you, then stop treating her as if she doesn’t exist, or worse yet is a servant in this house.” She moved to within a foot of him. “Do you know anything about her?”

The duke’s gaze darkened with an emotion she didn’t recognize. He lifted his hand in slow increments until he cupped her cheek, as if compelled by a force beyond his control. His thumb rubbed feathery strokes at the corner of her mouth. “I admit to a certain amount of ignorance.” His voice dropped to silky persuasion. “Perhaps you could enlighten me?”

She couldn’t breathe. His voice washed over her like dark velvet. Her heart pounded and she had the absurd impulse to step forward, eliminating the space between them. What would he think of her boldness?

Instead, she closed her eyes and turned her face into the warmth of his hand. The moment felt magical, as if his touch awakened her.

When she dared a glance at him, he shook his head as if he didn’t understand what had just happened, then dropped his hand. The moment faded, leaving her empty and confused. What she wouldn’t give to be able to disappear like the fairies in her stories.


Debby said...

I like what you say about fairy tales. Life should not be too ordinary in our books. Makes the reading more fun.
debby236 at gmail dot com

Dawn Ireland said...

You're right Debby,
If I wanted reality, I'd read a newspaper or self-help book. That's just not me. I want the fairy tale:)
Have a "Happily Ever After" Night!