Sunday, April 7, 2013

Bad Boys of the Romance World

Admit it, Ladies – we’re all attracted to the bad boys.  Some of us don’t want to acknowledge it and most of us know better, but hot damn, when that tattooed guy in the tight jeans saunters down the street WE LOOK.

Being an Historical Romance writer, I pondered how best to create an historical Bad Boy.  Hmm … he’d have to be Scottish.  We all know about the romantic irresistibility of the Scots.  He should have an overload of masculinity and an abundance of confidence, and he should consider himself outside the law.  Expertise in bed AND with the sword should be a given, and a scar wouldn’t go amiss.  Toss in a haunting past and you have DEVIL BLACK, also known as Dougal MacRae, the hero of my newly released Historical Romance.

Dougal begins his journey through my book not giving a damn about anything.  Then he runs into Isobel Maitland, whom he snatches off a Scottish roadway after stopping her coach a la Highwayman, and he starts to care very much.  Of course, his wounded heart won’t let him admit that.  A Bad Boy admit to vulnerability?  Never!

Devil Black is available now as an ebook or paperback via or direct from the publisher, The Wild Rose Press.   Spend the night with a Bad Boy – you know you want to!


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Debby said...

Bad boys are more exciting than good boys.
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