Sunday, April 7, 2013

Sleeping With a Scotsman

When it comes to sleeping with a Scotsman, some of us have, some of us haven’t … yet, and some of us just wish we could.  What’s the best way for a woman to indulge the fantasy without getting herself in trouble?  A good Historical Romance, of course.  Grab a book with a kilt-clad hero to die for, curl up in bed, and you simply can’t go wrong.
That’s where my newly released Romance, Devil Black, comes in.  Dougal MacRae – who has earned the name Devil Black and a dark reputation along with it – is as handsome, dangerous, and Scottish as they come.  The King has ordered him to stop stealing from his neighbors and plundering the roads, marry and settle down.  So, being a black devil to the heart, he decides to steal a wife.  He thinks he’s snatched a well-bred, English maiden.  Instead he finds himself wed to Isobel Maitland who has her own agenda and is easily more than his match.

Devil Black is available as an ebook or paperback through or from the publisher, The Wild Rose Press – just in case you decide you do want to sleep with a Scotsman tonight.


Holly said...

Love a Kilt story!

Debby said...

My husband is 1/4 Scots. Does that count?
debby236 at gmail dot com

Laura Strickland said...

In my opinion, even one drops of Scottish blood counts!

Laura Strickland said...

Oops! I meant one DROP of Scottish blood counts! Must have been up too late with a Scotsman.