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Here's a little bit of background about the trilogy series:

The first book, Sway is an easy read, a simple introduction into Jessie's world.   It's an honest portrayal about a teen who is severely hard of hearing and struggling to get through high school.  Sway is a rare insight into the world of a young person living with a disability where the reader essentially walks a mile in Jessie's shoes. 

From the very beginning we watch Jessie as she tries to find her place in the society.  We begin to see her change and make interesting decisions based on what happens to her.  Gradually, her path in life begins to shift and goes towards a new direction in Compass.  She becomes more aware of who she is as a young person. The third book, Destiny,  becomes a pivotal turning point that sets her on the right path where she becomes empowered and emerges a stronger person.  By the way, the titles Sway, Compass and Destiny all reflect a sense of direction. 

Throughout all three books I've incorporated visual symbolisms or representations that feature hope.  Stars play a big part in Jessie's world.  Whenever she is struggling, especially during those dark emotional times in her life, there is usually a sign to help her stay strong such as the appearance of a special spirit guide or messages given to her such as "To reach the stars, all you have to do is Believe."  There is a sense of magic woven into the fabric of these stories.

Here's the synopsis for Sway, the debut novel in the trilogy series:

There was something different about Jessie. She struggled to fit in at school, surrounded by a web of lies and deceit...until she met Ethan.

Based on a true story, the novel Sway is about a hearing impaired teenager named Jessie who tries her best to blend in at school. Every day proves to be a test of her resolve when she is constantly plagued by the ruthless pranks of her classmates who are determined to make her life miserable. When a handsome stranger arrives in the nick of time, Jessie wonders if he is too good to be true. Is Ethan’s attention genuine, or will he betray her trust, too?

Sway has topped the charts as a TOP-50 bestseller at

Synopsis for Compass, Book 2 in the series:

Being a teenager is hard enough. To be hard of hearing on top of that is like being stuck in the middle of a never ending soap opera.

In Compass, the sequel to Sway, Jessie's life begins to change its course, sending her toward a new reality. When her world is suddenly ripped apart by an angry rival, the one person she trusted to stand by her side simply walks away. With her composure shattered, Jessie questions everything she believed about herself, and as her life takes her on a new path, it turns into a perilous journey full of surprising twists and turns.

Compass has been a TOP-20 Bestseller at!

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