Sunday, April 7, 2013

Excerpt from Twinned Universes--And a Giveaway!

When a clone meets the man he was cloned from, trouble soon follows....

Sean glanced up at them and stopped reading. His gaze landed on Paul and stayed there, becoming stony. Paul swallowed but returned the stare. He had the advantage of knowing what to expect; even so, seeing in the flesh what his face would look like in twenty years was disconcerting. Sean shared his sharp nose and thin lips, but his face was leaner, as if his experiences had chiseled away everything but his essence. His presence filled the room, making Paul feel as if he had to ask permission to breathe.

“Charlie!” John shrieked.

Sean shook his head. “That’s not your brother, John.” A hint of doubt crept into his tone.

“Then finish the story, Dad!”

“Not now. Why don’t you have Mom give you your bath?”

“I still have half an hour! Can’t I stay?”

“No, I have to talk to these people. But if you’re really good, I’ll finish the story when I tuck you in.”

After a few more protests, John finally left, turning at the door to take a last look at Paul. He waved, and Sean’s expression, which had softened when talking to his son, became hard again.

Sean rose and approached them. For all the power he projected, he was several centimeters shorter than Paul. “So, you’re Jo’s son?”

“Yeah.” He beckoned Cass forward. “This is my sister—”

“Never mind the introductions. Look, I don’t know what Jo told you, but I never laid a hand on her. Who do you think I am, Jerry Lee Lewis?”

“Who’s that?”

Sean shook his head. “Kids these days. I’m just trying to say no matter how much you look like me, you can’t be my son.”

“I know I’m not.” Is there any way I can avoid telling him who I am?

The tension left Sean’s shoulders. “Sorry, but the first thing that comes to mind when you’re rich and famous and you see a kid with your face is paternity suit. So, why are you here then?”

Cass burst in front of Paul and said, “We need you to help us prove Great-Uncle Jack had our mom killed!”

Shock froze Sean’s face. Then he laughed; if it hadn’t been nervous laughter, Paul would have hated him for that.

“Me? What the hell for? I’m no Perry Mason! I’m not even Columbo!”

“Please, Great—great-great-Granddad….”

Paul wouldn’t have thought it possible for Sean’s face to show more surprise, but it did. Even though he was annoyed with Cass, the actor part of him remained fixated on Sean, absorbing every nuance.

Sean snorted again and turned back to the sofa. “I could have sworn I hadn’t been drinking tonight….”

“You heard her correctly,” Paul said. “You’re our ancestor. We’re nearly one hundred years ahead of you.”

* * * 

Paul Harrison always wanted to play Hamlet, but he never expected he’d live the role first.

In the aftermath of a family tragedy on 21st century Earth, Paul discovers he’s the clone of Sean Lyon, his great-great-grandfather and a famous TwenCen musician. Suspecting his mother’s death was no accident, Paul comes up with a plan to trick the answers out of the great-uncle who had him cloned. But in order to make his plan work, Paul needs help from Sean himself—and Sean’s time is running out in the TwenCen universe next door. Although Paul’s family lives on the spaceship that travels between the universes, he’s never been allowed on TwenCen Earth. Now, with the help of his friends, his disguise-creating holoprojectors, and a quantum quirk, Paul must make his way to Sean while evading other time travelers who fear he’ll change the history of the TwenCen universe. If Paul is to achieve justice, he must not only risk his own life, but the wormhole connecting the universes. “To be or not to be” was a simple question in comparison....

Available now (in eBook and paper formats) on Amazon, B&N, and Smashwords.

Although Twinned Universes is a standalone novel, Lyon's Legacy, Book One of the Catalyst Chronicles, provides some background and features the story of strong-willed scientist Joanna Lyon. To get caught up on the Catalyst Chronicles series, please enter the giveaway below for a chance to win a signed copy of Lyon's Legacy and a $5 gift card from Amazon. You can learn more about the Catalyst Chronicles series on my blog.

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Debby said...

I enjoy what if aspects. There seems there would be a lot of that in this book.
debby236 at gmail dot com

Catherine Lee said...

I like sci-fi, futuristic stories. I've also enjoyed some clone stories. I do, occasionally, get confused with time travel stories...changes in the time line, and all.
catherinelee100 at gmail dot com