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The Ties that Bind…

…a rancher and a lawyer, that is. Funny enough, it’s still the same answer it always is: family. Kat’s family moved out to this ranch when she was a teenager. She hated it at the time. But over the years, her parents’ dream of owning and working their own land became her dream. She’d sacrificed her childhood. Put her dreams away to live this life. Now someone was trying to tear it away from her. It wasn’t fair.

Jasper’s life had been devoted to fairness. He’d gone to law school and become a lawyer just to help people navigate the government bureaucracy from inside the system. It’s not the path his father had walked. And he had to leave his family behind in order to achieve everything his has. But he was determined to do things his way, the right way.


Universal Defiance, Book One

On a rural settler planet, Kat must resort to putting out an ad to find a husband. She doesn’t expect to find love—that’s a dream in these parts—just a partner to help work her ranch. Then the devastatingly handsome Jasper answers her ad and turns her on in ways she never dreamed possible. Too bad he’s not who he says he is.

Jasper doesn’t know what he’s getting into when he ventures undercover to investigate a legal claim against Kat’s ranch. But after a toe-curling night under her roof and in her bed, he’s willing to do anything to stay there. He can’t say no to the tough-as-nails businesswoman who makes his body come alive.

When people start getting hurt, though, both Kat and Jasper have to decide how valuable one piece of land is. And the ranch that brought them together might be the very thing standing between them.

A Romantica® sci fi erotic romance from Ellora’s Cave


“So, if you don’t mind me asking, why didn’t you sell after your parents passed away?” His voice was tense and his body stiff as he sat in his chair. “I mean, I know you like it here, but I’m sure you could’ve made a handsome profit.”
The question itself didn’t bother her. She was actually relieved that the silence had been broken. And they were going to be sharing this land in good times and bad, which gave him the right to question her devotion to it. Still, the awkwardness of the evening had her on edge so she took a little extra time to steady her nerves before she answered. “There were some offers. And, yes, some were more than profitable. But this is my home. Ranching is the only skill I have. Where would I go if I sold? What would I do?”
Her answer didn’t seem to relax him the way she thought it would. His posture remained tight as he asked, “Didn’t you dream of doing something, being something, before you moved here?”
“I dreamed a great many things, Mr. Lee. That’s part of youth. When I became an adult, I put those dreams aside and stepped up to the responsibilities of my life.” She took another bite of her dinner only to have it land like a lead ball in the pit of her stomach. Her nerves were officially shot. Damn shame too, seeing as how much effort her cook had put into the meat-and-vegetable pie in honor of Mr. Lee’s arrival. “Now, may I ask you a question?”
 “The background check I ran said you were a lawyer. What kind of law did you practice and why did you decide to give it up?”
He gaped at her for a moment but then managed to mumble, “You ran a background check on me?”
“Of course. What kind of a businesswoman do you take me for?” She bristled at the insinuation. She might have gone looking for a husband through slightly nontraditional channels, but she had a brain. “I did a background check on my cook before I hired her and the worst she could do is steal the silver. After ten years, half my land becomes yours. I can’t let a criminal or a gambler get his hands on half my land. Besides, it was your background in law that made you stand out. An understanding of the law could be a big help around here.”
“I don’t think my field of law will be particularly helpful.”
She couldn’t imagine a field of law that couldn’t be put to some use. Even if he made his living chasing ambulances, he had to take coursework in other fields. “Why don’t you let me be the judge of that?” She smiled weakly at her pun but he didn’t seem amused.
He looked down at his food and sighed as if the weight of the world were on his shoulders before looking back up at her. “Okay. I guess it’s only fair you know. I represent the government in cases of eminent domain.”
An alarm went off in her head. “Eminent domain?” Her pulse raced with anger as she digested the words. The government didn’t let its lawyers just walk away. It paid for the lawyers’ school, gave them hefty loans and flashy gifts in return for a lifetime of servitude. It owned its lawyers from graduation to the grave. Which meant marriage had never been Jasper Lee’s goal. He’d been after her land from the start. And she’d foolishly given him a damn tour of it. “Get the hell out of my house.” The words were soft but her voice was steady and, thankfully, held its power. “And get the hell off my land.”
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