Sunday, August 4, 2013

Favorite Summer Recipe

I make this every summer and my family calls it the Fourth of July dessert. It is the most delicious summer dessert there is and it's beautiful, too! The picture is linked to the Pillsbury website but I've got some helpful hints written in the margins. You can tell I've used this recipe lots of times!
Hope you're enjoying your day,

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1891 . . . Spinster librarian, Olive Wilkins, is shocked to learn of her brother’s violent death at a saloon gaming table. Compelled to rescue and raise his children, Olive travels to Ohio, intending to return to her Philadelphia home with her niece and nephew. Little does she know that the children have come to love their caretaker, widower Jacob Butler. Will Olive return home without them or learn to love Jacob as well?

1887  Julia Crawford, Boston debutante, corresponds with an aging shopkeeper and travels to South Dakota to marry him, hoping to escape the ridicule she endures as the plump, silly daughter of one of Boston’s premiere families. What happens when the train station groom is not who Julia bargained for? Will her secrets keep her from love and acceptance? Or will Julia’s love be strong enough to conquer her past and give her the future she’s always dreamed of?

1867 . . . Southerner, Reed Jackson, returns to his family’s plantation after the Civil War in a wheelchair. Schooled as a lawyer, he moves west to start again after his father deeds the Jackson holdings to a younger brother. Circumstances bring Reed and Belle Richards together, a dirt poor farm girl aching to learn how to read. Bleak times will challenge Reed and Belle's courage and dreams as they forge a new beginning from the ashes of war and ignorance.
1871 . . . Worlds collide when American Suffragist, Gertrude Finch, and titled Brit Blake Sanders meet in an explosive encounter that may forever bind them together. Gertrude Finch escorts a young relative to London and encounters the stuffy Duke of Wexford at his worst. Cross the Ocean is the story of an undesired, yet undeniable attraction that takes Blake and Gertrude across an ocean and into each other’s arms.


Maxine Mansfield said...

Looks and sounds Yummy!

Holly Bush said...

It's wonderful! The crust is brown sugar, walnuts and butter - it doesn't get much better!

Catherine Lee said...

Pretty dessert.

I love the sound of the stories...especially Olive (since I, too, am a librarian).
catherinelee100 at gmail dot com

Holly Bush said...

Thanks Catherine. Olive is a favorite character of mine as she finds her happiness a little later in life than usual. I was a board member of my local library for years so I'm partial to librarians!

Annette said...

The dessert looks cool and refreshing for a summer day.
Your stories appear to touch on some very interesting topics. I like stories that have unique challenges, orphans, gambling, widowers, wheelchairs after war wounds, literacy. Wow!
It sounds as if you know how to cover a wide range of themes.