Sunday, August 4, 2013

Moon Dance

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Olga Quinn hopes her relocation to London to work on their space shuttle program is the life changing move she needs after the loss of her co-worker in a workplace explosion. She meets Gabriel Swicord, a former fireman turned celebrity radio personality and deejay. He lost his sight while rescuing a family in the line of duty and has immersed himself in music and work since then. For a few days, Olga and Gabe burn hot for each other and then things turn cold.

Someone is murdering women who patronize the club where Gabe spins records. It appears that he's the connection to the dead women and his name and face are plastered all over the news. Things are not looking good for Olga's peaceful new life and when the killers turn kidnappers, things really begin to heat up.


Roger said...

Olga goes to work for the space shuttle program? Is she a scientist? That would be a addition to the blind hero. Interesting.
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Jillian said...

Olga is indeed a scientist. She was with NASA and moves to London to work on their passenger shuttle - kind of a take off of the Virgin Airlines passenger shuttle.

I loved writing her character.