Sunday, August 4, 2013

MOON DANCE- Giveaway

I have a Moon Dance cover mug up for grabs so that the next time there's a Goddess Fish party you'll have something to drink your coffee, your tea or your cocktail from. I mean, really, who wouldn't like a mug to sneak a coffee spiked with Bailey's Irish creme in? Or maybe some orange juice with a little champagne? Or how about a plain old sip or two of chocolate milk?

In my novel, Moon Dance, the hero, Gabe, is an attractive, buff man who keeps in shape in the ballet studio in his flat in London. He had dreams of being a professional dancer but his father decided that was no career for the macho man he wanted his son to be. Bowing to the pressure of his father's forceful personality, Gabe joins the fire department and soon becomes a hero who runs into flames rather than stand on the sidelines. One fateful day, Gabe races toward danger and in the process of saving the lives of an entire family, he's hit with a backdraft of flames. His retinas are burned and he loses his vision.

Gabe finds that he can only see vague shapes and distinguish between light and dark. He turns to his love of music and becomes a deejay. He soon becomes a celebrity due to his tragic past as a fireman who sacrificed so much to save a family of strangers.

I wrote Gabe as a very independent man but I'm afraid that the fact that I wrote him as a less than perfect hero may deter some from wanting to read his story. For a chance to win the mug, leave me a comment on how you feel about heroes with some physical issue. Have you read any books where the hero was less than physically perfect? If so, did you enjoy the book? Would you recommend it?


Roger said...

HMMM...I loved the old Beauty & the Beast TV series with Ron Perlman as Vincent. In books, I enjoyed The Raven Prince by Elizabeth Hoyt recently. The "less than perfect" hero is a good plot device and there seem to be a lot of wounded war heroes coming out recently.
catherinelee100 at gmail dot com

Jillian said...

Super glad to hear that you enjoy them, Catherine. AND great choice on Beauty and the Beast.

Jillian said...

Sending an email to Roger! You won the mug.