Sunday, August 4, 2013

Moon Dance- Recipe

In my London, England set romantic suspense novel, Moon Dance, the heroine attends a hen party- we call them bachelorette parties here in the USA- at a restaurant/pub called Weatherspoons. While there, she has chicken curry for dinner before the party is interrupted by a gang of troublemakers. I thought I'd share a easy chicken masala recipe here in honor of that celebration.

You will need a whole chicken cut into parts or for even easier prep, use boneless breasts. You'll need green onions and some tomatoes as well as garam masala.

Using olive oil, saute the chicken until brown on both sides. Add one and half cups of chopped tomatoes and one bunch of chopped green onions. Saute them a bit then add a quarter cup of water. Let that boil a minute or two then add two teaspoons of garam masala. Reduce the heat and simmer until the chicken is cooked through. If you like garlic salt, add a teaspoon of that, too.

You can add chopped carrots or peas to this as well for a variation on the menu.


Roger said...

That sounds like a very simple recipe. Garam masala is not something I usually keep on hand in the house. What else can I do with it?
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Jillian said...

It's a great spice to use all kinds of ways. I like to also put it on a pork loin and cook at a low temperature all night. Then pull the pork and add bbq sauce and heat through. The Masala spice flavors the meat nicely.