Sunday, August 4, 2013


First came the paperback release of Lee Child's 17th Jack Reacher novel, A WANTED MAN. Then came Linda Lael Miller's reprint of her 2007 Stone Creek novel, A WANTED MAN. And now comes Rebecca Hagan Lee's August 06, 2013 release of (you guessed it) A WANTED MAN.

I'm very happy to be in excellent  company.  I adore Lee Child's Jack Reacher books.  And I adore Linda Lael Miller's books.  They are both on my automatic buy list.  I'm not complaining about sharing a title or book space.  I'm simply marveling at the fact that after brainstorming a title with my editor and agent for the book that has become A WANTED MAN, we should settle on a title that would be shared by two NY Times Bestselling Authors at the same time.

I view it as an affirmation.  "Hey, we picked a good title!"  I hope romance readers will want to read  A WANTED MAN by Rebecca Hagan Lee as much as they'll want to read Linda Lael Miller's or Lee Child's.

My A WANTED MAN is the story of Will Keegan, I first met when he appeared as James Cameron Craig's best friend and second in command at Craig Capital Limited in GOSSAMER. As James's best friend, Will was steadfast and loyal.  He supported James in his mission to rescue unwanted infant girls from certain death and to adopt them into his household so that they might thrive and become his Treasures.

Over the years, I've often been asked what became of Will Keegan and if I was going to write his story.  My answer was always the same.  "I hope I'll meet him again one day and be able to tell his story."

Imagine my surprise when he appeared out of the blue with a story to tell.  A most unlikely story
about a businessman on a humanitarian mission, running a high class saloon on the edge of 1875 San Francisco Chinatown and the determined British lady missionary on a rescue mission of her own...

A story of how they fell in love to the tune of  "Bringing in the Sheaves" and the sound of smashing glass and the love of Ghiradelli chocolates.

Now, my fervent hope is that I've done Will and Julie justice.

Happy Reading!



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Catherine Lee said...

Well Sane Francisco and Ghiradelli do go together, don't they? I didn't know that Ghiradelli chocolate was that old!
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