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Hunter and the Hawk (Excerpt #3) Thank you!

Hi Everyone! I'm Gale Stanley. I want to thank everyone for reading my excerpts and a big thank you to Judy and Marianne for hosting today! Being here for the Goddess Fish Release Party has been fun.

I’ve always been an avid reader, but I had to put my writing aside to raise a family and work full time.  I was a surveyor and CAD manager in a construction office of fifty men and four women. Lucky me! At the same time, I reviewed for RT Book Reviews magazine and wrote short stories for the Cup of Comfort Anthologies. Now I write romance - paranormal, wolf-shifters, vampires, contemporary, MF, MFM, MM, and MMM - for Siren-Bookstrand and Silver Publishing and I feel really fortunate to be doing something I love so much.

Hunter and the Hawk is a new release, book one of series. It just came out Saturday, April 30.


When Aidan walks into the Wolf Den and asks to see the Alpha, he doesn’t get a warm welcome. He’s barely through the door before he’s attacked. The Vampire’s arm is broken and he fears his totem animal, a Hawk, will never fly again.  
Hunter, a Lycan Enforcer, comes to his aid and takes him aside for questioning. Aidan claims to have information about the murder of Hunter’s mate and he’ll trade for Lycan blood. At first, Hunter thinks it's a trap, but Aidan convinces him that the answer to both species survival may lie in their blood. Hunter agrees to secretly help Aidan in exchange for the killer’s name. But he gets more than he bargained for when he finds himself falling for the seductive vampire. When the research goes awry, he’s sure he’s been used by the scheming bloodsuckers. But is Aidan the real enemy or is it someone closer to home?
Available at Silver Publishing:
This is excerpt #3

At the center of the mob, a ginger wolf circled a man he'd never seen before. A sweet, coppery scent wafted off the stranger. Underneath it, a dusky hint of feathers tickled his senses. Strangely enough, he didn't find the vampire's aura repulsive.
From the looks of things, more than a few punches had already been thrown. The black-haired stranger sported a bruise along his jaw and one eye was swollen shut. The right sleeve of his white silk shirt had been ripped off, revealing a hawk tattoo on his bicep. Despite this, he stood stock-still. You had to respect a man who took this kind of punishment without hitting back. His assailant, a wolf known as a bully and bigot, didn't have a mark on him.
This had to be stopped before the fight escalated. Right now, the other wolves were content to watch and enjoy a fight they knew their taller and heavier pack mate would win easily. But if the stranger decided to fight back, the other Lycans might feel compelled to help Toby. Then Hunter would have to deal with a bunch of dogs who wanted in on the fight.
"Toby! Back down."
"Fuck off, Hunter!" The ginger-haired man didn't even turn his head. "You gonna protect a bloody buzzard? Maybe the same one that killed your mate and plucked her eyes from their sockets?"
Hunter clenched his fists at his sides and tried to contain his rage. He didn't know who he wanted to hit more, the bloodsucker or Toby. He caught the vampire's eyes over Toby's shoulder and saw that they registered shock. Maybe a vampire-hawk had killed Tena, but it wasn't this one.
Talking wouldn't work. Not on Toby. Not on the others. The wolves smelled blood and they were in no state of mind to think about anything except a kill.
He considered his options. One or two men he could handle. And the other enforcers were standing by ready to keep the drugged-up crowd at bay.
He moved in behind Toby. The Lycan snarled but didn't acknowledge him. Hunter slid his right hand under Toby's arm and up behind his head, pushing forward. At the same time, he pulled Toby's left arm behind his back, trying not to dislocate the man's shoulder. "It's not worth it, man. Calm the fuck—"
A blur behind the vampire slammed into the black-haired man's back, knocking him to his hands and knees. An immense gray wolf locked massive jaws on his arm and pulled. Bones snapped like twigs, but the vampire went to his stomach without making a sound.
"You don't want to do this, Doyle!" Hunter fixed his eyes on the wolf. Everyone stilled. The gray wolf held tight to the man's arm. A twist and a roll, and those strong jaws would rip it off.
Tread carefully.
The stranger wasn't human and Hunter knew his injuries would heal, but no species he knew could re-grow a limb.
Toby spat at the man lying on the plank floor. "You're protecting a fucking bloodsucker?"
"One who has every right to be here."
"Says who? A fucking treaty that's older than both of us put together?"
Hunter exerted a little more pressure on Toby's neck. "That treaty is the only thing standing between us and a race war. Do you really want to be the one who breaks it?"
Toby tensed. "He started it."
"Doesn't mean you have to finish it. I don't think the Alpha is ready to do battle because you can't keep your temper under control."
Toby relaxed in his hold. "You can let me go. I won't touch him."
"Go get a drink." Hunter shoved him toward the bar, then looked around. "The rest of you follow him. Show's over."
The men grumbled but they dispersed, and after a few tense seconds the gray wolf backed down and released the vampire's arm. He rolled to his back and cradled his forearm to his chest.
The wolf shook its head from side to side and baptized the vampire with bloody saliva. Doyle's furious gaze held Hunter's and sent an unmistakable message.
Why did it feel like he'd just met his real enemy?

Happy Reading, Gale Stanley

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