Monday, May 2, 2011

Calen (BK 1 My Soul To Keep Trilogy) by Rie McGaha


When Calen MacLeod begins having dreams of an ethereal beauty who beckons to him, he passes it off as just having an itch he hasn't scratched in a long time. But when he leaves on a journey to find her, following the directions she's given him in his dreams, he begins to doubt his sanity. And when he finds himself high in the Mackinaw Mountains in a secret fortress with unicorns and a pink and white castle, surrounded by women, each one more beautiful than the next, it's a fantasy no man would want to wake up from. But Arianna is the only woman for Calen.

The women of the Fortress have lived in peace, hidden away from the humans who tried to annihilate them all. But now a 500-year-old demon is out to destroy the women's matriarch, Ariella, and he'll stop at nothing to complete his mission. When Calen MacLeod shows up, he throws a wrench into Damon's plans. Never let it be said Damon isn't ready for anything, but when he kidnaps Arianna and takes her to modern day San Francisco, is he ready to meet Calen, who will stop at nothing to save his ladylove?

Calen by Rie McGaha - EXCERPT

After five hundred years, Damon finally had his chance to exact revenge on the women who'd enchanted him and left him trapped within his own body in that dark, damp cave. Kept in a twilight dream state of being, he hadn't really been aware of his physical condition except in a very remote way, but he'd had the ability to dream-think about the witches in the secret Fortress. Five hundred years had given him plenty of time to plot how he would finish Ariella and be rid of the Fortress forever.
The corner of his mouth began to curve into something between a smile and a sneer as he thought of how he'd killed Alliana. She had been so invitingly bent over the stump. All that white skin just begging for his touch… and how he'd touched her. He could still see the red welts left across her white skin as he whipped her, and the sounds she had made drove him crazy.
Now, as he thought of Ariella, the fantasy came back full force. She had come willingly to his bed at one time, and before he was finished, she'd be there again. Willingly or otherwise. Once he found and killed the boy, he'd save Ariella for last so he could take his time with her. By the time he was done, she'd beg him to kill her, and hearing her beg for death would take him higher than any other woman had.
With two dozen men willing to follow him anywhere for the promise of gold, he couldn't lose. Besides, Damon wouldn't tolerate anything less than complete loyalty. Every man under him had witnessed what he'd done to Talbert. Damon smiled now, in much the same manner as he had when he'd dismembered Talbert. He'd sliced the man's limbs from his body… while he was still alive. He liked Talbert, but when the man had tried to take half of the booty they'd stolen, what choice did he have?
"Let's go," Damon shouted. "We have to find the boy." He did not know the child's name, but he would recognize him. All the witches from the Fortress looked enough alike. No doubt the child would have similar physical traits. The women's hair color might vary somewhat, but their facial features were strikingly similar. The men, however, were all golden from the top of their golden heads to the bottom of their golden feet. Their eyes were all as blue as the summer sky, and Damon had no doubt he would know who the witch's child was as soon as he saw him. He thought the boy must be of an age between two and five, or perhaps six, and he would tear every house down to find him if necessary.


Historical Writer/Editor said...

Interesting blurb. This story sounds unique. -laura

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This story sounds good. I will have to check into it.

Rie McGaha said...

Hi Laura & June - Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting.

Rie McGaha