Monday, May 2, 2011

Branden + Sloan + Naomi = Happiness? or Disaster? (ADULT EXCERPT)

"Terracotta Warriors" released 30 March. It is my first menage story where one of the heroes is the central character, not the heroine.

“Terracotta Warriors” Blurb

Naomi has a casual sex-buddy relationship with Branden, a bisexual man. When she loses her job Branden offers her a short-term position in the Museum of which he is a director, but more than that, he wonders if she could be the solution to his sexual problem. He and Sloan are very happy together, but Brand needs the softness of a woman as well as the harsher, more animal mating of two males together.
Sloan and Naomi join Branden on a business trip to Xi'an. Will adding Naomi to the mix be a disaster -- or the solution to all their needs?


Sloan was face down on the bed, his hands roped to the headboard, his legs wide apart and each foot roped to a bedpost. Several pillows pushed under his flat stomach kept his ass raised high. Stretched out like this, his six-foot-four inches easily reached from the head of the bed, to the foot, which meant Branden had tied the ropes quite firmly, allowing Sloan very little movement.
Branden crouched on the bed between Sloan's legs, a jar of oil in his hands. He gently ran a slippery palm over one of Sloan's shoulders and down his spine, then along his side and back up to the shoulder again. Sloan shivered. "Jeez, Brand. Will you, for fuck's sake, stick that finger in my ass, so we can get the main part of the program here?"
"Patience, patience. That's why I have you tied up. The longer you wait, the harder you'll come in the end."
"If I come any harder than I did last night, likely I'll break! I've never had such good orgasms as I do with you."
"I love you, Sloan. You know that, don't you?" Branden pressed soft kisses to the base of Sloan's spine, just above his highly fuckable ass.
"I love you, too, but I want some action here."
Getting there," soothed Branden, dripping some oil onto Sloan's butt and massaging the tense muscles there. Finally he gave in a little and dripped some oil along the crack, but still he didn't penetrate Sloan's ass. He merely teased around the cheeks, before returning to massaging Sloan's shoulders.
Brand leaned over Sloan's sexy body to press some kisses along his neck. Sloan's brown hair was cut military short, so there was plenty of sensitive skin around his neck to lick and nibble and suck. Tenderly, Branden sucked an earlobe into his mouth, before biting down on the fleshy part, then soothing his bite by sucking some more.
Next he flicked his tongue into Sloan's ear, and then trailed his hands down the man's body again, down, down, down. Branden crouched on his heels to oil his hands again, waiting for his heart rate to even out, noting how Sloan's lungs were heaving with arousal.
Brand's own dick was harder than a spike and aching with excitement. It wanted inside that dark hole so badly he was almost bursting. But it had to be better than good for Sloan. He loved Sloan so much he wanted it to be the best he could make it, every time.


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