Sunday, February 5, 2012

Thanks to Goddess Fish!

Thanks to Goddess fish for hosting day 5 of my book tour today! I truly enjoyed posting and I hope I entertained you as well. 

Please be sure to follow the rest of my Vertigo book tour.

Tomorrow at Its Raining Men

Tuesday at Sex Marks the GSpot

And the final day at the Rainbow Studio

I'll also be at TRS on the ninth to announce all winners! 

So stay tuned.

Whats coming up for my muses? Well, Michael's next book is m/m, called Under the Gun from No Boundaries Press. Also, the sequel to True Meaning of Love, an m/m novel is coming soon as well from XOXO publishing.

For good gal Rawiya, her mmf, Living in the Now, her m/m Smooth Like Latte, and also Sugar Daddy all from Naughty Nights Press. Rawiya's series African Sun is in the works as well as she'll finish this mostly m/f series for Michael Mandrak.

Lastly, BL has an m/f called Losing my Inhibitions, her sequel to My Lieutenant and interracial m/m, and the m/m book Candyman to come from NNP. 

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Thanks so much for stopping by and enjoy the rest of your Sunday. 


Debby said...

It was nice to visit.
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Michael said...

Hi Debby

Thanks for stopping in!