Sunday, February 5, 2012

Sister Muse BLMorticia You Don't Ask We Don't Tell - M/M Release PG Excerpt

Greetings fans.

Thanks to Michael for handing over the mike a moment for both me and Rawiya to talk about our next books. 

Mine is the m/m military series, You Don't Ask We Don't Tell. A book that follows my main character Cody who isn't comfortable with the fact he's gay and decides joining the Army might make him change.

The book is full of drama, raw emotion, tension and a few scenes of hot manlove splintered in. In Cody's journey, he meets a few interesting characters who'll try their best to set him straight. One of the first is Sergeant Justin Belevidere who tells him from the get go how important it is to respect and love himself. 

Now, along with all the drama is the trademark BL snark that I know you'll enjoy. It was a blast writing this first book and look for the next one to come real soon, once I get My Lieutenant out the way of course.

Thanks MM for allowing me to ramble a moment. Check out the Vid, Blurb, and excerpt!

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A gay curious young man whose fell over the fence more than a couple of times is seeking the armed forces to become more of a straight man under the duress of his family. He leaves behind his on and off again lover, Dari Kirk.

At the local recruiter’s office, he meets Corporal Justin Belvidere who can tell he’s hiding something. Running away from something he needs. He knows just what training facility to send him to. The one part of the army that everyone knows to be one of the finest and most upstanding platoons in the armed forces but they have hidden secrets.

Captain Morris Dunst runs Army company 9669. A proud group of men known for their tenacity, wit, and strength. He’s produced some of the best soldiers in his ten year tenure, teaching them how to be real men.

That take it all like men.

Excerpt PG Warning: Swear words throughout!

When he straightened the wheel, he got out the truck, sprinting to the place he hoped held his ticket out of here. He opened the doors, letting a couple of army men out before he went in.
“Wow,” he mouthed, glancing about the place as if he were a tourist. Large hallways, cream colored walls with decorative crown molding. The floors were made of linoleum. Everything was so clean. The glare blinded Cody.
His eyes fixed of the small line of men huddled together to hand their papers to a soldier sitting behind the desk. Cody tightly gripped the application in his hands.
Do I really want to do this? How will I handle being yelled at by someone basically the whole time I’m there?
Suddenly, young McCayne began to question his decision. He tapped his feet, fumbling with his free fingers as he eyed the men talking with the representative.
Why am I doing this?
Yes, why the fuck was he? Joining the army just so he could gain acceptance? Make his asshole dad proud of him? Would this be worth it?
“Iknowiwantthisiknowihaveto…damnit!” He grit his teeth.
What if he didn’t like army life? What if the captain was an asshole he wouldn’t be able to tolerate?
What am I saying? They’re all assholes. None worse than my dear old dad.
The men in front of him inched closer to the recruiter’s desk.
Cody could feel his palms sweating along with his brow.
What the fuck? I need to man up. That’s my whole reason for doing this right?
He straightened his shoulders and cleared his throat.
Only one more ahead of me. I can do this!
The young man shrugged his shoulders and gulped hard. He stuffed one hand in his pocket and eyes darted from left to right.
Oh my fuckin’ God, I’m gonna…
“Next!” The man in front of him moved away and suddenly it was Cody’s turn. “Yes…um…Sir?”
The guy behind the desk gave him a wry smile. “Yeah, you ready to come serve your country, boy?” He has a slight southern accent and piercing blue eyes.
Damn, the man is hot.


Catherine Lee said...

I watched the trailer and read the blurb & the excerpt. The men are hot, but I'm not ready for m/m. PLUS, how is the military portrayed in this? Is it a respectful portrayal?

Michael said...

Hi Catherine,

It is a respectful portrayal. There is a fictional platoon in the story that accepts gay men and women as they are. I did a lot of research on military to make it as close to real as possible.

Thanks for commenting again.

Debby said...

I have read your books before and found it is highly respectful. I lveo your stories.
debby236 at gmail dot com

BLMorticia said...

TY Debby for the kind words...