Sunday, February 5, 2012


I love a party! Hope all of you are having fun. I'm so happy to be here and celebrate my debut novel, When Hearts Collide with all of you. When Hearts Collide is a contemporary medical romance. As a registered nurse, I love to add a medical touch to my books.

Kendra James, me, lives in London, Ontario with three cats and two dogs. Her three children who have flown the coup. She is a registered nurse who likes to add a touch of medical to her romance and mystery novels. She also writes YA, children’s and poetry as Bev Irwin. She prefers spending time with her wonderful granddaughter Jasmine, in her garden, or writing and reading to being in the kitchen.

WHEN HEARTS COLLIDE came second in the Heart of the Rockies contest this fall in the contemporary category. FAMILY SECRETS, a romantic suspense also took second place. A mainstream mystery, MISSING CLAYTON, came third in the suspense category for Gateway to the Best, and second in the TARA for women’s fiction.

The first chapter of TAKEN, a YA in progress placed first in a short story contest with Aurora Press and was also published in the Quick Brown Fox.

WITHOUT CONSENT, a medical/police thriller, has a blurb from Lee Child as a ‘fine medical thriller’.

I have worked hard at the craft but to see my name listed on the Black Opal website as an Award Winning author. Well, I did tell you about that happy dance didn’t I. They are publishing two of my books this year, MISSING CLAYTON, about a child taken from his single mother's backyard, and GHOSTLY JUSTICE, a YA paranormal, about a ghost wanting revenge for her murder.


Book Blurb

If you witnessed an accident on a lonely stretch of highway, the driver seriously injured, would you stop, or continue on your way? For nurse Molly Tanner, the choice is clear. Risking her own life, she pulls the driver and his young daughter from the car. When the semi-conscious Pearce begs her to pose as his wife to keep Gracie from foster care, memories of her own childhood rush back. Again leaving her no choice. But can Molly keep up the charade without her secret being discovered and her heart being shattered?

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Where to buy WHEN HEARTS COLLIDE? Soul Mate Publishing, Amazon, Barnes and Nobel,

An excerpt of WHEN HEARTS COLLIDE is on my website.


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Catherine Lee said...

I haven't heard of "contemporary medical romances." That's a new one for me. This is your debut novel? It sounds like you have written other things though. The premise of When Hearts Collide sounds interesting.

catherinelee100 at gmail dot com

bev said...

Hi Catherine

Medical romances are more popular in England where Mills and Boon has a strictly medical romance line. When Hearts Collide was almost published with them but after the last revision they felt the hero, Pearce, had lowered appeal as a hero as he was incapacitated with a broken leg for too long.
There are medical aspects in a lot of the other lines but not a specific medical one like Mills and Boon has.

This is my debut novel but I have two more books coming out with Black Opal Books, a youth ghost story and a suspense novel.
I am writing another medical novel with a nurse and doctor on a cruise ship.

Debby said...

I do enjoy medical romances but they are hard to find. I would stop if someone was injured.
debby236 at gmail dot com

Catherine Lee said...

Thanks for the info, Bev. I didn't know. It's so interesting to me to hear the "behind the scenes" what happened with Mills & Boon.

bev said...

Hi Debby
I'm glad you're a good samaritan too! If you want medical romances, look at Mills and Boon, or, LOL, read mine. :)

Hi Catherine
Glad you liked the tidbit about Mills and Boon.

Maria D. said...

Congratulations on your debut novel!
It sounds good.

bev said...

Hi, Maria
Thanks for the congrats. It is very exciting to write and then see your efforts come to fruition.

Kendra James/Bev Irwin