Sunday, February 5, 2012

Candy Kisses & Eye Candy for Valentine's Day!

Hi All!
Happy Valentine's Day coming up soon!

Well, here we are again, chatting about this and that. I'm a lady who knows all about romance, having experienced it first hand. I was blessed with a husband who could charm the birds out of the trees with his smile, sang me love songs in a dreamy, truly lovely voice, and knew how to treat a woman. I have saved every card he ever gave me, and he didn't just keep to the holidays. Sometimes he would bring me a card when it wasn't my birthday or some other special occasion. He called them 'just because' cards. I miss that man!With Valentine's Day coming up, we're all in an especially romantic mood, so be sure to read something to keep the essence of the holiday in the forefront of your mind.Along with the chocolates, roses and kisses from your honey, treat yourself to a romantic book or two.

I hope you enjoy my new Regency series, Love Vine. The newest book in that series, A Curious Heart is in the final stages of editing and will be available in a few days!

My latest book in The continuing Lakota Moon series, Moon of Hard Winter, goes into print next week, so watch for it if you are among those who prefer a print book to an eBook. Moon of Tender Grass is scheduled for release in April as an eBook, and will be in print by August.

All of my books are available in PDF format from my site.
Be sure and check it out. When you're not in a reading mood, they provide delicious eye candy.

The new year is very exciting so far. Besides my new Regency series I have another Series coming soon--Cherokee Sunset series. Andyet another book in my Lakota Moon series, Moon of Tender Grass.
Be sure to keep a lookout for my newest Lakota book, Moon of Tender Grass - Blue Crow's exciting story of war and love and holding his land against the intruders who would destroy his way of life.  This story is set in the Great Plains and touches on the events at The Battle ofGreasy Grass, or as many know it, Custer's Last Stand. A poignant tale of romance, trust lost and regained, loyalty and spirutal guidance. This book has it all! Coming Soon!
While I feel very blessed in my writing career, I am still saddened by conditions at Native American Reservations across this country. Of course, my favorite topic is the plight of the children at Pine Ridge South Dakota.
Once again, I implore you to come to the aid of these youngsters who are always in need of food, clothing, books and educational items.
Diane Davis White
From the Heartland


MomJane said...

all your stories sound great.

Diane D White said...

Thank you! I hope you enjoy reading one or two...or all! :)
Best Regards,

Kate Hofman, Author said...

Hi Diane! I was glad to see so many new books of yours coming out. Wow!
Of course, your Lakota stories have gained a place for themselves among the genre.
I was also impressed by your Regency books--so many people write Regency but get the English aristocratic titles all wrong. You were spot on. And your stories are a delight.

I love the covers, needless to say. I hope your books sales go straight into the stratosphere.

Kate Hofman

Diane D White said...

Thank you, Kate.
I do work hard at giving my Regency characters their correct titles. It's only courtesy, after all, not to mislead your readers with incorrect information.

I'm glad you like my covers since I do them myself. In fact, I've done a few for you, right? :)

Have a great day!

Heide Katros said...

Hi, Diane, I am late in commenting, but then my life is usually going at warp speed. You know I love your novels, especially your Native American stories. And I am so glad you create covers for my novels. Best of luck, my friend

Diane D White said...

Good Afternoon, Heide,
Thank you for taking time to comment on my blog today. I know how many plates you have in the air right now.

I've been working on your cover for the new book, Make Me No Promises, and I'm not quite ready to show it to you, but I hope you'll love it as much as the others. Frankly, my personal favorite is Mystical Viking. Great cover for a perfect story.

Best Hugs,

Catherine Lee said...

I'm new to fiction...having been mostly a non-fiction reader. I'm not familiar with your books. You have Native American themed series...the Lakota Moon series and the Cherokee Sunset series coming out. Is that a group near and dear to your heart? Do you live in SD? I know that there is so much poverty on reservations and I worry about the loss of the diversity of Native American cultures. I think it's great what you're doing for the folks of Pine Ridge.

catherinelee100 at gmail dot com

Diane D White said...

Hi Catherine Lee,
I live in Oklahoma, actually. I plan a trip to Pine Ridge and the Memorial there this summer.

When I started researching the Lakota Moon series, I discovered a website where they provide help to the reservation in the form of winter heat, clothing, books and learning tools. I did further research and was horrified that we, as citizens of this country, leave the First People/First Nations to live in such destitute conditions. Enough soap boxing, though. Not preaching, just saying..

The Lakota Moon Series is out now, and the Cherokee Sunset series is in various stages of preparation. I also have two other series coming up: The People of the Plains, Chickasaw Sunrise and more Regency books.

My husband was a mixed-blood Chickasaw and I write the NA series in his memory. He would love it if he were here. He'd probably critique everything to make certain my facts are straight.

Thank you for commenting, and I hope you find something enjoyable to read among my books. Moon of Hard Winter is coming out in print next week.

Best Regards,

Catherine Lee said...

Thanks for the detailed response, Diane!

Jacquie Rogers said...

Congrats on the release of your Regency! I can hardly wait to read it. :) And of course you know I love your Lakota series.

Diane D White said...

Hi JJ,
Thank you so much for showing up and commenting. Know how busy you are with all those grandbabies visiting you. When is your next "ADO" book coming out? I love your stories...they are fantastic.