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Excerpt I: A Measured Risk by Natahsa Blackthorne, EROTIC Regency, NC17

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Reader Advisory: This book contains anal sex, spanking, light bondage, D/s themes and brief F/F touching. This is a work of historical fiction, it is not meant to be an accurate portrayal of or guide to how people recover from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. As a work of historical erotic romance, it is also not intended to portray modern BDSM or D/s lifestyles.

What people are saying about A Measured Risk:
Close Encounters With The Night Kind gives A Measured Risk 5 stars:
"I love erotic historical romances. This is by far my favorite book in her collection. Ever since the horrid accident that had taken her husband's life, she had lived in an unrelenting grasp of fear. But what Anne never realised was that she had been stuffed into a box long before her husband's death. For lurking inside this studious lady's cold facade was a passionate woman screaming to get out. And it took one look at The Earl of Ruel to know he was the man that would help free her, she just didn't realize it meant freeing all of her. Even the parts of her that she hid from herself.

Johnathan was used to getting exactly what he wanted, and he knew from experience that the society ladies rarely offered it. But Anne had his attention long before he came to another one of these dull parties. She had an air about her that was intriguing and Jon couldn't help being reeled in. Especially when he realized she was more than willing to play his game.

Anne came to Jon at first for help. But something sparked between the two of them that left Anne breathless and Jon grasping for control. Neither were prepared for where their games would lead them, and these games in question were unbelievably hot!!! You'll need one of those hand-fans yourself for a large part of this book! If you enjoy light BDSM, tied in with a sensuous romance then this is the book for you!!! Who knew a little rope and spanking could be soooo delicious? Hat's off to Natasha!!"

My Book Addictions gives A Measured Risk 4.5 stars:
"'A Measured Risk' is a must read for anyone who enjoys erotic romance,and/or historical romance,although,it does have some explicit sexual encounters you will not go wrong by reading this intriguing story of two people who find each other and learn to love,and trust again.Oh and what sexual pleasure they find with each other. I have enjoyed this author’s work,she knows how to pull the reader into the characters lives,and into the story from page one to the last page and will have you carving more. I can hardly wait for the next installment in the “Regency Risks” series. A really hot,sexy,quick read! " ~ April

Warning this excerpt contains violent aspects.

Excerpt I:


Suffolk, England

August 1818

“In London it’s going to be different this time, Anne.”

Anne Bourchier, the Countess of Cranfield, continued to watch the rain pelting the widow as the carriage rolled on through the night. The interior was hot and humid and she used her fan to cool her face with long, deliberate motions.

“I mean it. You’re going to be active in society and make me proud for once.”

She flicked him a disdainful glance. “And who will see to the running of our estate now?” It wasn’t her fault William’s long-term mistress had found another interest.

“I do keep a bailiff on staff.” His voice was uncharacteristically terse.

“His incompetence costs us too much. Since you refuse to dismiss him, someone needs to be there to keep an eye on him.”

“He’s my half-brother, Anne. How can I dismiss him?”

“You let your sentiment and your passions rule you.”

“Oh, always so cold, so in control, aren’t you, my darling? I meant what I said about the other, too. You shall welcome me to your bed every night, except when nature inconveniences you. And you’ll at least pretend to be happy about it.”

Her chest went tight and she slapped her fan closed. “I have never locked my door against you.”

“I mean that you shall reside with me until the deed is done. Else I shall be forced to take more extreme measures. Five years of marriage is enough. I’ll have my heir or die trying.”

She opened her fan and resumed cooling her face. She knew her husband well. Once in town, he’d find new distractions and she’d be able to slip away, back to the country.

The carriage jolted; slid for a heart-stopping moment in the mud. Two days of rain had made the roads treacherous at best. She turned to him. “We should have waited for the other carriages.”

Indignant eyes met hers in the lantern light. They were the most beautiful eyes—as green as summer grass and framed with thick, russet lashes. His elegant jaw tightened. “I didn’t want to wait—”

A sudden jolt rocked the seat beneath her and shook through her bones. A loud crash sounded and the carriage rattled as if it would fall apart. It veered over slightly. Her heart knocked against her ribcage as she clutched the seat’s edge. Her mouth went dry.

She glanced at William. He was so pale that his freckles looked like black specks. Her stomach flipped over.

“Christ.” His word was a whisper; a prayer that hung in the air between them as the carriage rolled. She went flying from her seat. Something smashed into her side and forced the air to whoosh from her lungs. Her forehead met a hard object. White shards of pain exploded in her head…and then nothing.

She opened her eyes slowly. Her head throbbed so fiercely that it made it painful to think. It was dark. Hard planks jammed into the softness between her hips and ribcage. She was mostly on her back, twisted halfway between the carriage wall and roof. She tried to ease her position but something heavy pressed her down and held her immobile. Helpless. She reached out to touch it and pain sliced through her shoulder and up into her neck. The sudden intensity made her nauseated and lightheaded. She cried out.

“Anne?” His voice came from directly above her and it sounded weak.


“Are you unharmed?”

“Mostly.” With an effort, she moved her hands over the wool of William’s jacket. “And you?”

“It hurts to breathe.”

Afraid of injuring him, she stopped searching his body. “Some of your ribs must be broken. That’s all. The doctor will patch you up easily.”

Dread went twisting through her stomach. How badly was he injured? Lightning flashed through the carriage window.

“Damnation, it hurts. Anne, I can’t move.” Beneath the sharpness, his voice quavered. He was afraid—very afraid. Her heart contracted. She had once felt such tenderness towards him. A fragile, barely-born tenderness that had been killed in its infancy—yet it had been the dearest feeling she’d known in her life. It all came back to her, washing over her in an intense rush. She cradled his head to her.

Thud, thud.

The sound was loud—and close. A horse’s iron shoe kicking the thin carriage wall. It sent her heart pounding up into her throat. Her hands tightened on his crisp, red, curling hair.

“I am sorry Anne. Should have waited. You’re always right…” His voice seemed to reverberate with pain.

She winced for him and caressed the side of his face. “Shh, it doesn’t matter now.”

His breathing changed, sounding deep and laboured. He had lost consciousness. Her chest constricted so hard that her breath began to hitch.

Please don’t let him die.

Lightning flashed again, brilliant and close through the window. Thunder rumbled through the carriage’s frame. One of the horses screamed.

Thud, thud, thud.

The horse’s hoof pounded the outside more frantically this time. Her heart beat furiously. That fragile wall was all that separated them from those hard, shod hooves. They were pinned here; trapped. She gripped his arms and tried to move and pull him along with her, away from the sound. But the pain weakened her shoulder and his lean frame proved to be far heavier than she’d have suspected. Sweat poured all over her body and her grip slipped.

The horse kept on pounding the wall. Her terrified heartbeat echoed each thud. God, she had to get them both away from those beating hooves. She clenched her jaw and redoubled her efforts, pulling with all her strength while groaning deep in her throat against the red-hot pain in her shoulder joint. She managed barely an inch, then her arms shook and gave out once more under the burden of his dead weight. They both slipped back to the carriage roof.

Her lungs burnt and she gulped for air. Her head throbbed so hard that it made her dizzy. Tears flowed down her cheeks. How utterly helpless she was. But William was depending on her. She couldn’t fail him.

She tried again to rouse herself but this time her arms were so weak and the pain in her shoulder so severe that she trembled and couldn’t move at all. Her headache increased to almost blinding intensity. She pressed her head to his satin-covered chest, inhaling the citrus scent he favoured. She gave in to her tears, sobbing silently.

Lightning struck again; thunder boomed violently.

The horse screamed.

Thud, thud, thud, thud.

Another solid thud sounded, followed by a crunching, cracking. Her head jolted up. Jagged edges of yellow lantern light broke through the blackness of the carriage wall and water trickled down the interior wall. It transfixed her eye.


Light reflected off iron, the white of a fetlock. Something skimmed past her face; she sensed the radiant heat more than saw it. Icy tingling raced over her scalp, chilling her blood, freezing her heart.

She tightened her hands on William’s shoulders. As if she could possibly protect him. A hollow, dull knocking sort of noise reverberated through her bones.

Warm wetness splattered her face.

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