Sunday, May 6, 2012

Cozy mystery Armed and Outrageous

To give you a bit more background on my book Armed and Outrageous I want to give you a brief bio.

Madison Johns has worked four years caring for seniors in both a nursing home and hospital settings, a profession that provided comic relief and inspiration to write Armed and Outrageous with sequels to follow. She resides in Saginaw, MI, with her husband, two children, and delightful cat Misty.

Some of the characters portrayed in Armed and Outrageous were loosely based on seniors I have cared for over the years. Some of them I wanted to take home because they were so darn cute. I wanted to take them out of the nursing home and let them run amuck in a town of like minded folks.

What you'll discover within the pages of Armed are situations that many seniors may or do face. I just amped it up a notch to make for some real hilarious moments. Eleanor Mason is the partner in crime or secondary character, but she is a line stealer. She has the freedom to act however she has a wont to do which leaves main character, Agnes Barton, scrabbling to deal with her behavior.

Deciding to bring a romantic interest into town for Agnes was fun. Andrew Hart was Agnes' former boss and secret crush. He was married back in the day, but now he's a widower. What's a body to do when you get all hot for a man when you're too dang old to do much about it or are they?

I'm a huge Janet Evanovich fan and Granma Mazur is one of my most favorite characters, this is my version. 

Armed and Outrageous has been described as Grandma Mazur meets Murder She Wrote, and not just by me. If you love Betty White or spunky seniors, you're gonna want to check out this book, and I challenge you to try and not laugh out loud. 

Armed and Outrageous available on Amazon and Smashwords.


Denise Z said...

Armed and Outrageous sounds like a hoot of a read. Thank you for sharing!

Debby said...

Love the post. I really want to read this. I bet you do get some interesting stories from work.
debby236 at gmail dot com

Madison Johns said...

Thanks ladies. Do I have some great stories, laughs. Anything can and will happen. I really loved working with the residents, the administrators not so much, lol. What is great about the older population is that they can really get away with saying just about anything.

Anonymous said...

I've read excerpts and, believe me, Agnes and her cohorts are more than a hoot! I think Madison has discovered a wonderful niche genre, and Armed promises to be a wonderful read.

Anne K. Albert said...

Congrats, again, Madison, on the release of Armed and Outrageous!

Madison Johns said...

Thanks Anne, I appreciate your support.

Madison Johns said...

Thanks Candice, I so appreciate you stopping by and commenting.

Terry said...

Armed and Outrageous is as funny as its title suggests. To read my review of this book, go to my blog at