Sunday, September 4, 2011

Westerns -- Yeeha!

Come on, admit it. Who can resist a historical western film?

Clint Eastwood might have said, "Make my day" as Dirty Harry, but I love re-watching Hang 'Em High, The Outlaw Josie Wales and A Mule for Sister Sarah (hilarious with Shirley MacLaine.) I also love watching the Duke spar with Maureen O'Hara in McClintock! (just as feisty a pairing as in The Quiet Man) and Newman and Redford in Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. I enjoyed some of the newer films like Hidalgo and Appaloosa with Viggo Mortenson, 3:10 to Yuma with Russell Crowe, and of course the new version of True Grit with Jeff Bridges.

In fact, it seems westerns are trickling back -- mostly in film or on cable TV. When was the last good TV western you've seen on the regular channels? Go back further... Remember seeing Tom Berenger in Peacemakers? No?? Not surprising, that was eight years ago and Deadwood was far more popular. As well as Firefly... a mix of western and science fiction. That show could be the reason why they tried (and mostly failed) with Cowboys and Aliens. Some people enjoyed it, though. (I'm not naming names!)

But there's really good news.

Westerns--from straight historical to romance to blended genres like Double Crossing (historical, western, suspense, mystery, hint of romance)  have ALWAYS been available on bookshelves and for your Kindle! So get reading and indulge! Bury yourself in the past, without living with the inconveniences of outdoor plumbing, the lack of air conditioning, antibiotics, washing machines or dishwashers, computers, telephones, automobiles. You can imagine the constant dust from dirt roads, the overpowering scent of horse and cow manure, the meat on the hoof instead of wrapped in shiny cellophane, the fresh-from-the-garden pesticide-free produce... well, you get the idea.

Here's what a few readers are saying about DOUBLE CROSSING:

“Fast paced and thrilling to read. The history angle is so well developed and researched that I found myself lost in the train from another century… so many smaller added details that made this book leap off the page. A definite page turner…” Jacque Stengal, Good Family Reads

“…vivid and compelling… exciting and harrowing moments that had me holding my breath with anticipation or gasping in shock.” Romance Junkies Reviewer

"…the adventure plotline is well drawn, with twists and turns like a mountain railroad, and the characters are a crafted balance of believable, historically accurate, and sympathetic. Mims treats the setting as an extra character, with well-crafted descriptions of actual places that are accurate to the time period. Her writing is elegant and easy to read…” Gunnar Grey, Mysteries and Histories Blog

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Enjoy Double Crossing -- and keep a spur handy!


Michele said...

I love A Mule for Sister Sarah ... when he finds out she's NOT a nun? ROTFL! --

And the Quiet Man is one of my all time favorites...but I'm not a huge Western Fan dad is though.
Then again, Brett Maverick would always make me swoon, I hankered for Nick in Big Valley and thought Adam on Bonanza yummy.

Guess I did like some Westerns afterall, ;-)

Can't forget the Wild Wild West though. ::sigh::

So, guess I should buy your book in the "spur" of the moment?
tee hee

Thanks for your post!

Meg said...

LOL - the "spur" of the moment! That's a good one, I'll have to remember that. ;-D Thanks for stopping by!