Sunday, September 4, 2011

Faithful first suspense. Leave a Comment to win an e-copy

No matter, my heroes are always cowboys. Point rider, horse doctor, ranch foreman. Even Rhee Ryland, the hero of my latest release, Faithful Danger, from White Rose Publishing. Yeah, he might be a high -priced private investigator, but he's never forgotten his cowboy roots. Meeting mysterious widow Caffey Matthews in the beautiful ranch country of Santa Ynez, California, starts his pulse racing.

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 Frightened and alone, Caffey Matthews leaves behind her wealthy Manhattan life after her husband's financial crimes and suicide…knowing his enemies are in pursuit. Finding succor in remote California ranch land helps her to reclaim her faith and trust in God. But the heart-stopping stranger Rhee Ryland frightens her even as she’s powerless to halt her deepening feelings for him…

Believing she's involved in her late husband's misdeeds, cowboy-turned high-priced private investigator Rhee Ryland arrives in Rancho Lorena on her tail ready to haul her back. Never expecting to fall in love with her, even more surprising is his return to his childhood Lord. 


Locked in the trunk of the car!
Caffey battled to stay calm, to breathe normally, to hold down panic. To conserve air. The compartment wasn’t air tight, but heat and hyperventilation could kill. Lord, keep me safe, she begged. But even knowing He was at her side, she had to figure out what to do by herself.
 Breathe deep, slow. Breathe deep, slow. Amazingly, she did know what to do. Everett had borne a pathological fear that one day, either one of them might be kidnapped and held to ransom. Now, he was the abductor. Her lip quivered, and she swallowed tears.
            Scrunched into a bundle of bones and hot, tightened skin, she widened her eyes in the darkness to try to detect a glow-in-the-dark-handle. Spirits deflating, she understood the car wasn’t a late model with a required trunk release. Just in case, she groped with her fingers to try for a toggle switch or button.

             Nothing. Her heart flew into her throat, and she concentrated on easing the pain in her cramped shoulders. Maybe, just maybe the backseat would fold down. Doubtful she’d find a release in the trunk, she explored anyway with her fingertips, then unsuccessful, tried to unwind her legs enough to push the seat down. It didn’t give a centimeter.

           Panic started to roil, but she refused to let it. A Psalm of David dashed through her mind. Keep my soul and deliver me, for I put my trust in You. The words had saved her before, too many times to count, and a smidge of relief skittered through her. The Lord wouldn’t let her face this alone.


Terra said...

I like the sound of this book and love the cover. Need to add it to my wish list.


Eileen said...

Tanya - loved your other books - can't wait to read this one!

Toni said...

Oh I need to check into this book a bit more. Thanks for stopping by today.


Michele said...

It sounds like a romance that speaks to the heart...
Thanks for posting an excerpt!

Nikki said...

This sounds GREAT! I love romantic suspense!

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Tanya Hanson said...

Thanks for the posts so far, ladies!