Sunday, September 4, 2011

On NBC Talking About Writing Finding Felicity

I just LOVE a party! Thanks so much for having me today! I'll be posting two or three times and so will be mixing it up a bit. First, I wanted to share an interview I did this week on NBC's My Carolina Today show. The hosts invited me on the Book Club segment. I was nervous since it was my first time on TV. But once I started talking about my debut novel, Finding Felicity, I relaxed a bit. Hope you enjoy it!

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Mysti Holiday said...

Oooh ... TV! You did great!! That's so cool :-)

Terra said...

Wow! great interview, now I got to go find the book.


Charity said...

Great Job!!


Toni said...

Oh I'd be so nervous. You did a great job. Congrats on the book.


Michele said...

That was a great interview but why do they have them so SHORT? From the interview, I wanted to know what then, IS Felicity since it's not the heroine's name....

And do you now only have the one horse, or do you have others?

And Ten YEARS after you submitted, you get a bite? I heard some publishers were slow, but Man, O Man! That's making a sloth look speedy.

Congrats anyway, on your book. It DOES sound fun!!!

Monica Marlowe said...

Thanks, everyone, for stopping by with your comments!

Michele, I have one horse and for now, that's plenty! He's the love of my life :)