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Giveaway & Excerpt of Dance in the Outback by S. E. Gilchrist

Dance in the Outback is my seventh release and to celebrate I’m giving away seven copies (gifted via Amazon) of this story. The contest will run until 30 November 2013 and to enter the random draw, please leave a comment on my website and share my post.

I spent some years travelling and working in the Australia Outback. It’s magnificent out there, so vast, so quiet and yet I sensed a power that emanated from the very earth itself. I can’t describe the rich, redness of the soil and it’s so fine it works its way into every tiny crack of your car.

The heat is unbelievable and so are the flies. The worst place for flies, we found was Mount Isa where we camped beside the road. So sooner had we alighted from the car then they were everywhere. Swarming over my face, crawling into the corners of my eyes and impervious to my swotting them with my hands. Needless to say, I ran inside our camper and spent the next half hour chasing those that had followed me, with fly spray. Ugh. It was the middle of summer though and we’d been in one of those ten year droughts.

And yet despite the heat and the drought, the Australian Outback is still alive with life.

Another excerpt from Dance in the Outback © S. E. Gilchrist 2013

“Leave what to you?” asked Dirk striding up, his lean, hard body glistening from where the sun's rays gilded his wet skin to glittering bronze.

Tammy ran up and collapsed into a chair but Melanie barely noticed her. Her tongue cleaved to the roof of her mouth as she drank him in.

Beside her, Harry said quickly, “Nothing Dad. We're talking about our trip to Brissie next week.”

“Mmmm, well, about that trip. There's been a change in plans. I've arranged for Tom to fly us out in two days time. I don't want to risk flying once that weather hits us. Hope that suits you, princess.”

“Huh?” What was he talking about again?

“Aunty Mel, Aunty Mel.” sang out Tammy. “I need to know.”

“Oh, of course. Here, put your sand-shoes on first.” Face on fire beneath two pairs of amused brown eyes, she rose and pulled on her volleys. Holding her hand out to Tammy, they walked away from the camp-site.

“I'm having so much fun. Are you having fun, Aunty Mel?” chattered Tammy. “Oooh, look over there! Emus.”

The young girl dropped Melanie's hand and raced off in the direction of a flock of emus that stood with their inquisitive faces and beady black eyes turned in their direction. Puffs of red dust rose around Tammy's feet as she ran.

“Tammy, wait,” called Melanie as she hurried after her charge.

Suddenly, Tammy screamed and fell to the ground. Her heart in her throat, Melanie closed the distance fast only to stop three feet from Tammy's legs. The little girl lay prone on the dirt her hands braced either side of her small body. From where she stood, Melanie could see her eyes were open and she was breathing quickly.

Coiled on the ground in a sinister thick, olive-green circle right in front of her head was a snake.

Even as Melanie watched with terror turning her stomach upside down, the reptile rose a metre into the air and swayed, hissing, from side-to-side.  There was no mistaking that cream, unmarked belly.

The mulga snake or otherwise known as a king brown.

One of the deadliest in Australia.

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M_Nark said...

LOVE the picture of the Emu (Ostrich? ... looks like an Emu... )

Made me smile. The snake, not so much. Thanks for the excerpt!

S E Gilchrist said...

Emu - yes, they are curious birds but can be intimidating, especially when they can look you in the eye. Thank you for dropping by ;)