Sunday, November 3, 2013

Audiobooks (with a Giveaway) by MJ Fredrick

I'm listening to the new Nora Roberts book, Dark Witch, on audio. I have to say--disappointed. The narrator is WAY dramatic. WAY. Her voice gets louder and faster during exciting parts. NOT looking forward to her reading the love scene, let me just say.

The last Nora I listened to was Whiskey Beach, and I didn't like the narrator there, either. It was a man, and he made the heroine sound so breathy, it was irritating. Apparently a LOT of people complained, because the publisher hired someone else to do it, and reissued it. Wow.

I loved listening to Nora's earlier books, with Carolyn McCormick, I think, as the narrator. She did a good job. I LOVED listening to the Sookie Stackhouse books with the southern accents, and the Janet Evanovich books with the NJ accents. Another series I've been listening to is the Longmire series. The narrator has a gruff voice that suits the first-person main character, and he does a great job with Henry, Longmire's best friend, which makes me love Henry even more.

I like audiobooks because I have about an hour round-trip commute, and I get to enjoy more books that way!

What about you? Are you a fan of audiobooks? Does the narrator make a difference? What are some of your favorite audiobooks?

One commenter will win a copy of my first audiobook, Midnight Sun!

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Catherine Lee said...

That's an interesting question.
I have a very short commute (10 minutes) and I have satellite radio, so I don't usually listen to audio books. As a librarian, I read audiobook reviews and have listened to some where the review was great and focused on the narrator. World War Z is a great example. LOVED that audio!
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