Sunday, October 13, 2013

His Judas Bride by Shehanne Moore
To love, honor, and betray…
To get back her son, she will stop at nothing…
For five years Kara McGurkie has preferred to forget she’s a woman. So it’s no problem for her to swear to love and honor, to help destroy a clan, when it means getting back the son she lost. But when dire circumstances force her to seduce her fiancé’s brother on the eve of the wedding, will the dark secrets she holds and her greatest desire be enough to save her from his powerful allure?
To save his people, neither will he…
Callm McDunnagh, the Black Wolf of Lochalpin, ruthlessly guards heart and glen from dangerous intruders. But from the moment he first sees Kara he knows he must possess her, even though surrendering to his passion may prove the most dangerous risk of all.
She has nothing left to fear except love itself…
Now only Kara can decide what passion can save or destroy, and who will finally learn the truth of the words… Till death do us part.
Would he lean over her like this so she could feel through the separating layers of wool and leather—soaking, welded wool and leather—well, she squirmed to think what she felt. No. What if he’d brought her here to wreak revenge for Morven? It would be no surprise. Oh, she should never have argued with him like that. But really, how could she help it, when she hadn’t known?
What was more, he’d picked her up and set her over his sloping shoulder as if she were a feather, not a woman of twenty-two, whose gown and cloak were so encrusted with snow she could hardly stand. Hadn’t broken stride, didn’t even struggle for breath, for all that water dripped from his clothes, his hair, and nose all the way across the candlelit flagstones.
What would he be? Twenty-seven? Twenty-eight? When he married Morven ten years ago, Kara had been too young to be considered a suitor for him then.
Then, of course, in the past five years, when he’d transformed himself into the fiercest warrior in two glens—the kind of man not just to put your throat on a platter and serve it up to you for supper, but to make you eat it too—Kara had been imprisoned, the world, well, at least this bit of it, believing she was in Edinburgh. Dances. Parties. Suitors. A fine life for an Irish tinker chief’s daughter.
But whatever age this man was, his rangy body was treacherously honed and muscled in all the right places. His soft, cold scent smelled nothing like his grimy clothes suggested. And his sensuous mouth was so close, it…it…and hers…
“Och, Callm! What the—”
The sharp slap, ringing inches from Kara’s ear, jerked her chin up.
“Get away from her now. For God’s sake, let her breathe, will ye?”
copyright Shehanne Moore Etopia Press

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